Family Time

25 08 2010

Another stop on my recent travels was back home to the BAY AREA! I had to make this special trip and spend time with my Dad before he headed out to the Philippines for a while. It’s one thing to be on opposite coasts, but different continents is a tough one, so spending some QT with my favorite dude was a MUST! My Dad proved to me he can easily beat me in Wii Golf… BUT the best part of this weekend with my Dad was listening to Drake’s CD in the car and somehow he picked up on the hook for “Fancy” (Drake/Swizz track), and for the rest of the night it was “So, you fancy, huh?” lol …and he kept adding “think” to it and would say it with different inflections, tones, accents and implications…FUNNY! Maybe you had to be there… Ha!

Lucky for my Dad he has 3 Angels – me, Ade and Bologna


And I’m happy to report that prior to his send off we got his laptop set up with Skype and G-Chat, and taught him how to use them, so we can see him and speak to him…cuz sometimes the Magic Jack just isn’t enough.

I can’t forget my brother Adam either, who hooked it up (as always), with the Korean BBQ short ribs! YUMMY!

Nothing like Family Time!



3 responses to “Family Time”

25 08 2010
Ade (22:57:10) :

Love love love!

25 08 2010
Bologna (23:51:37) :

Aww cute! =)

25 08 2017
Ted (21:22:52) :

I almost forgot how beautiful my “girls”….my daughters are. I’m always happy to bond to ya all!

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