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Aubrey Aquino is a TV Host and Reporter from the Bay Area, CA.  She is the creator and personality of On The Flipside and she’s well-known for her entertainment and feature segments that have aired on Deco Drive/WSVN. Aubrey’s television projects have also included The Hampton Roads Show, HEAT TV and The Welcome Channel, plus she appeared on E! News, Fox Sports Net and CNN. To her credit, she’s interviewed countless celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Miley Cyrus, John Travolta, P. Diddy, Billy Bob Thornton, Forest Whitaker, Shaquille O’Neal, Patrick Dempsey, Serena Williams, Eva Mendes, Ne-Yo, Ludacris, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Steven Tyler. The “fun” side of Aubrey’s work has included wrestling an alligator in the Florida Everglades, feeding stingrays in the Bahamas and paddle surfing in the Atlantic Ocean! She has even worked in the music industry as an artist manager.

Aubrey made her national television debut on the first season of the ESPN original series “Beg, Borrow and Deal.” The reality show pitted her team against another in a cross-country race where they had to complete sports related tasks, relying solely on their wits and sports knowledge, carrying only their ID’s and the clothes on their backs!

An exciting accomplishment for Aubrey is her experience dancing for three professional sports teams. In her two seasons with “Football’s Fabulous Females,” Aubrey was featured in the Oakland Raiderettes calendars, and even landed in the video game NFL 2K3, where game creators used motion sensors to capture her moves, to use for the animated cheerleaders in the game. She also had a stint with another NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders. However, her first Pro Dance experience was in the NBA, as a member of the Sacramento Kings “FastBreak” dance team.  Aubrey is a published author, contributing her writing skills and knowledge about the world of Pro Cheer and Dance, in The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader.

Aubrey was born and raised in the Bay Area, California, and earned her B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from San Jose State University. To date, her unassuming personality, jet-set lifestyle and blossoming career has taken her all over the U.S. and abroad, but she’s not slowing down! She plans to continue working in the entertainment industry, traveling and making more new friends along the way!

Aubrey is also a Mommy Blogger who talks about motherhood and parenting on her site 53 Weeks.

19 responses to “About”

9 12 2008
Kelliann (21:42:43) :

Awesome site, Aub! Lookin’ good!

11 12 2008
Carol (11:23:07) :

Love the new site!!!

3 05 2009
Eric Dye (14:19:27) :

ahhh – the Raiders…too coool. I will continue to browse on your blog site. You have great success!!!!! Eric

10 07 2009
Ambrose (17:42:00) :

Miss you in Phoenix…..

10 07 2009
June Bug (17:48:10) :

Nice website….

12 07 2009
Jamaal Sabree (14:25:26) :

Love The Website…

For All Readers: Shes A Great Person To Get To Know. I Haven’t Gotten The Chance To Actually Meet Her, But She Has Been A “Very” Great Help In The Time Of Need. She Has Given Advice On My Acting Career And Future Website. She A Great Person!

God Bless~

Jamaal Sabree

21 08 2009
Alex Shay (20:04:14) :

Great Bio, nice website too!

19 09 2009
Amy Velasquez (09:57:39) :

Aubrey! U rock gurl! U were always a person who knew what she wanted in life, and didn’t let nothing hold her back to fulfill her dreams! U should be very proud of yourself Aubrey! U enjoy & celebrate your success … you deserve it!!! It’s been long overdue =) Hope Christine & I can meet up w/ you soon! Take care & God bless!

20 10 2009
Ian Frayco (21:17:04) :

yo aub! is your dad Filipino?

20 10 2009
Aubrey (21:24:44) :

Yes Ian, both my parents are… 🙂

12 12 2009
Isaiah Rowe (16:01:22) :

check me out facebook/twitter..ur work is very inspiring.ever need someone to work for you in any way. Let me know it’d be a dream.

28 01 2010
Michael (18:10:00) :

Great site…

11 04 2010
Donte (15:49:35) :

best of luck to you and your success 1 love..va

28 09 2010
InsideHoops.com (06:04:56) :

Aubrey = #1

13 10 2010
Allan (17:22:05) :

well, Aquino IS a filipino name……hehe

5 02 2011
Gia Madatyan (02:45:51) :

Hey, Aubrey! I love what you did with the site! Take care and hopefully we can catch up one these days u come back to LA.

13 08 2011
Jun Nucum (15:23:55) :

I’ve always loved Aubrey, a very famous Bread song among ever-romantic Filipinos… now you have become the personified image of the song… as I already have stated before, beauty and brains of a Filipina known all over… MABUHAY…

30 09 2013
farland chang (04:02:39) :

Hey Aubrey! Lovin it all! You’re beautiful inside and out. Congrats! And keep doing great things.

29 08 2017
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