Fuerza Bruta

“Fuerza Bruta” is getting lots of notice in Miami. The best way to explain it is, it’s a SHOW…music, dance, imagination, real life, just very CREATIVE! It is from Argentina and has traveled the world… Last week I was lucky enough to be part of it, well sort of…I got an exclusive chance to learn the “mylar” portion of the show with cast members. It’s basically sliding and floating around in a shallow pool of water with a clear bottom so the audience looks up at you – they even put me in official “Fuerza Bruta” costume! 😀 Let me tell you…that was CRAZY!! It was very intimidating since I saw the show prior to my participation and didn’t know what to expect, but the ladies put me at ease and showed me how to flow and push my hips to glide along in the water! The funniest part was having to put my face in the water and open my eyes…I just kept thinking…I’m wearing contacts! haha Then all that falling and smashing against the mylar floor to make noise. I think I got a little whiplash with a headache, since I’m not used to falling on my face and it is pretty intense when it’s all new to you! All in all it was so much fun and I felt very privileged to be the only press person to experience it first hand…plus it is a great, FUN show..I highly recommend it! http://fuerzabruta.com

Happenstance Designs

My baby sister Alison aka bologna popped up on a blog in this “bridal” look…she’s SO CUTE!! It’s sort of weird to see my kid sister in this setting, but she’s helping out her friend Clarice who does these great wedding-themed creations as seen on her site Happenstance Designs! Congrats to bologna and Clarice…great work ladies!!

I Hear a Symphony

I talk with the composer, Sam Hyken, of a downtown Miami rooftop Symphony at 900 Biscayne. The music is great, he combines contemporary hip hop, latin, funk, etc…with live (orchestra) instruments played live on top of the tracks! The event was put on by the Friends of the New World Symphony in Miami.

Merv the Barber

I made a trip to the barbershop…Forensic Cutz in North Miami…that’s where “Merv the Barber” is cuttin’ up some very unique designs! You just have to see it to believe it… Shout out to Gee for telling me to look into it! 😉

Market Street – SF


If you are walking down Market Street in San Francisco…look out for posters that my sister (Adrienne) designed. There are 6 different designs, 24 posters total that are displayed in the kiosks down Market Street. She says they start out around 7th Street by Fox Plaza and Starbucks.

The posters are celebrating the 15 year anniversary of WritersCorps, a non-profit organization that Adrienne has been working with for a few years now. Visit her site at http://adrienneaquino.com/editorial.html


Make Something!

Art Basel came through Miami last week and I took part in an “art workshop” hosted by Nike, called “Make Something.” I’m not the most artistic person…like I can see it in my mind…but not really skilled in using my hands to bring it to life!  Anyway, I got to interview Jose Parla who started out with graffiti on the streets of Miami, and has since taken his art worldwide!

And a special THANK YOU to 8th Degree Black who let me sport one of their T-Shirts for my segment!