Burger King :: FLAME

Burger King has a fragrance called FLAME….seriously! It doesn’t smell like a burger, but it’s certainly a cute/funny concept! I almost lost it during the interview when she said, “the scent of carnal seduction!” And…did you know Miami is the home of BK’s headquarters, as well as its birthplace!?!? BTW, if you want a good laugh, visit the “Flame” website http://firemeetsdesire.com Thanks to my Aussie friend Christian who was visiting from London and endured many sprays for my story…I’m pretty sure he smelled like a whopper the whole way back across the pond!

Bubbles and Bubbles

Here’s a twist on your trip to the spa…the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale has a “Bubbles and Bubbles” package that includes lunch…so you get a Champagne-laced scrub and massage, followed up by a lunch with the same ingredients used in the spa treatment!

Love My Lashes

I am all about eyelashes, and when I heard the FDA approved a new “eyelash” drug called Latisse…I thought about all the beautifying products out there to enhance them. It’s true, you can never have enough when it comes to eyelashes! Now if I could only get mine to curl perfectly…

Weird Beauty

I stopped by Sephora and did a story on some very “unique” and/or weird beauty products! My favorite was the “Color On Eye Envy.” Basically it’s a creme eyeshadow and all you have to do is peel it and stick it and your eyeshadow is all done! I had seen it on Oprah before, but now that I have witnessed it’s coolness first hand…LOVE IT! They’ve got the funky exotic color choices and also ones with eye liner!

‘Tis the Season for Spa

Happy Holidays! Here’s a nice way to get into the spirit of the season…a trip to Aquanox Spa inside the Trump Int’l Resort on Sunny Isles Beach. Basically, they took three regular spa treatments and gave ’em a Christmas Twist – a “Grinch” Martini Facial, Candy Cane Scrub, and Mistletoes! Peep my massive mane…time for a haircut or else they’re gonna start calling me “PUFFY!” Sometimes the straightening just doesn’t work for me in Miami, even in December when the humidity dies down!