OBON Festival

I headed down to San Jose over the weekend to attend the Japanese Obon (pronounced OH-Bone) Festival in San Jose’s Japantown. It’s been a good decade, since my SJSU days, when I try to recall the last time I went..but anyways, I figured it’d be nice to be in some warm, sunny SJ weather and hang out! And — Norma, me and my sis all got LEI’d!!

My friend George who works as a reporter at a rival station also met us down there, and since he’s Japanese-American, we kept asking him how to pronounce the different Japanese terms he knew – you know, so we could learn to say things the right way.


We ate at pretty much every booth there…BBQ Beef Teriyaki, Tempura, Gyoza, Udon, etc… They also had a BINGO tent which was fun, but nobody was able to get “BINGO!” See how intense Ade and Norms are…


Cousin Patrick also came by to partake in the festivities…


During the final part of the festival they perform a bunch of traditional Japanese dances and ask for everyone to participate…so George jumped in, donning his traditional garb! He’s even sporting his “karate kid” bandana…j/k But, doesn’t he fit right in with the kiddos?? ๐Ÿ™‚


Me + My Girlfriends

Last weekend’s adventure also including lots of time with me and my girlfriends..I didn’t get to see them ALL (Kimi), but everyone else came out to play, including Cat from Jax and Gaby from PHX! It also happened to be Irie Weekend as in DJ Irie…so lots of fun festivities going on…. My first stop was to see the Shelton’s and baby Darion!! I think his picture says it all…SIMPLY ADORABLE!!


Look at how he gazes at his Auntie Aubrey with those big blue eyes… *sigh* He is a living cabbage patch doll!!

Then, later that night….I hit up Miami Beach and the Crown Royal Black Lounge at Mokai with Riza, where we met up with the Lady Dana!

Friday I attended the Irie Weekend Golf Tourney to shoot some interviews and footage for On The Flipside

Lil Jon and his son DJ Slade were also in the house… Photos courtesy my photog Anthony Peraza

liljon slade

Friday night we LIV-ed it up…with DJ Irie and friends…


DJ Irie had one helluva party with lots of star power LIV-ing with the best of em….

The best part was when Irie was “on stage” with Flo Rida..so fun to WATCH him have fun..great vibe and atmosphere!!

Saturday I brunched on Ocean Drive with the girls…


And — I left the “Wet Willie’s” to Cat and Gabs!


When Sunday rolled around, we were close to running on empty..but we managed to get it in one last time at LIV!!


Above: Cherisse and Amy, Below: Gaby and Aubrey


Mind you it was really only about getting dressed up so I could rock the fabulous feather earring you see me wearing in the picture..Gaby spotted ’em for me, and well, I was destined to have the earrings!

On another note…I learned oh SO MANY things from my friends this weekend, Blumpkin via Cat, Crippled Sparrow via Cherisse…but nothing could top Gaby’s “Cat Daddy” dance! She even shared this video with me of her dancing the dance….it’s dark and you have to turn your head to the side to watch…but you get the picture…enjoy!!

Wedding of the Year

I headed back to my Miami stomping grounds this past weekend to take care of a few things and attend the “Wedding of the Year!” Where do I start?? First of all, Donovan and Jessica are a beautiful couple and they mirror each other as far as the guy/girl versions of themselves…so I was so excited to be invited to their wedding. And, I was thinking that because Donovan started working at WSVN, shortly after I arrived…and I introduced him to Johanna, when we all went out one night…and Johanna is BFF with Jessica… So, IF he technically met Jessica through Johanna..does that mean I’m THE ONE responsible for their paths crossing!!?!? Okay, maybe it’s a stretch, but I will take credit! ๐Ÿ˜‰


The ceremony was held at the Grand Beach Hotel on Miami Beach overlooking the ocean and the bridal party was pretty large, consisting of 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen! The bride wore a beautiful ivory colored gown, which was designed and made by her mother…AMAZING! The clouds did look ominous for a while, but the weather held out, and despite being whipped by the wind, it was a flawless ceremony.


For the reception, we moved next door to the Miami Beach Resort into a beautiful multi-level ballroom with a huge dance floor in the center of the room. I had never even really noticed this hotel existed or even thought to go in, but the reception room was so elegant and perfect. They had comedian Benji Brown emcee (so you know it was laughs) and Prince Markie Dee held it down on the 1’s and 2’s….


So, one of my most favorite things about this event was the photo booth! The lighting was just so fabulous I had to go in 1, 2 , 3 …okay A LOT!! First with my Deco Drive partner in crime, Odette… then my 400 Life fam – Darrin and Adam….

meodette 400club

… and again with the “table 10” TV ladies – Lisa, Constance, Rene and ME!!


Our table was seated right next to the photo booth too….so that made it convenient! haha


And — here’s a pic of me and (bridesmaid) Johanna…remember my theory above!!? LOL


All in all…WEDDING OF THE CENTURY, but I didn’t expect anything less than fabulous from a couple who did a “music video” for their save the date!!

BTW…Jessica is a wedding and event planner, so if you want something fabulous, she is the GO TO GIRL —> www.lavishsoiree.com Finally, I couldn’t resist posting some of the videos from the wedding….feel free to watch and get a small taste of what it was like to be there!! SO MUCH LOVE in that room!! <3



I’ve been a witness to BLISS. Last weekend I saw one of my dearest friend’s marry the man of her dreams and it was an amazing event to be a part of…


It was actually pretty eventful for me to get to the venue, because at the very time I needed to cross the Bay Bridge, it was basically shut down because of a person who was threatening to JUMP! Needless to say I sat in traffic for more than an hour, and when I finally could, I turned around, backtracked to take the San Mateo Bridge across the Bay! So, come hell or high water..I MADE IT to Half Moon Bay..I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


For the dinner seating they did a movie theme…of course the happy couple was the “main attraction” with their self-titled flick “Lovers on the Run” ….SO CUTE! I sat at “10 Things I Hate About You.”


My homegirl Norma was me plus 1 and she met me there, and well, we took lotsa pics!

2011-06-11 19.24.50-1

The entire event was so intimate and cozy, with just enough touches, beautifully understated! They also had a FUN photo booth with props… Norma and I couldn’t resist to snap few shots…


Norma loved the Chevy’s sombrero…. and check us as the Jabbawockeez”

2011-06-11 19.49.49


It’s been a full month since I left Miami and while I have been having withdrawals – mostly due to temperature changes, I’ve been settling in, adjusting, eating great food and most importantly getting time to visit with my family and friends! So, I thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve snapped during the first 30 days back….

PPQ for roasted crab and garlic noodles

SF Giants game

Claire’s baby shower

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

Apple Crostini and Berry Tiramisu at Maggiano’s


House of Prime Rib

Jake’s Baptism

I am a Godmother! One of my long-time friends, Kim, asked me if I would be a Godparent to her 2nd son Jake and his baptism was this past weekend! Here he is with me in his all-white Christening outfit.


I think Jake was a little self conscious when they poured the holy water on his head…I could see his mind thinking “Why are they holding me flat like this and WHY is everyone staring at me!” haha

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 10.45.15 AM

…and here’s the “crew” Jake’s parents, big brother Matteo and his Godfather and Godmothers!

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 4.59.13 PM

My sister Ade went with me to his Baptism ….

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 10.44.34 AM

I’ve known Jake’s Mom, Kim since I was 9… and there’s nothing like having extended family!

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 10.45.47 AM