My Under Water Live Shot

The things I do for work… I did my first ever live shot from under water yesterday. It may even be a first for Deco. I have never scuba dived before and sure I wasn’t in the open water, but it was pretty crazy putting on the “mask” and going under water to talk to South Florida on LIVE TV! I felt like Darth Vader in there, the breathing was loud, so when I was talking I felt strange and then you have to do these weird breath inhale things before you can talk….but I’m happy I pulled it off and all went well!! Thanks to Red Carter for sponsoring my swimsuits too!


Bart Got A Room

I had the opportunity to sit down to Brian Hecker, Director of “Bart Got a Room.” It’s a coming of age feature, starring William H. Macy, entirely shot in South Florida and Brian took me behind the scenes (okay it was after the fact) to a couple of the movie shoot locations in Hollywood (Florida)! We stopped by le Tub restaurant, which I had never been to before but apparently Gayle (Oprah’s BFF) says it has the the best burgers around and then we stopped by a tux shop Rich Formal Wear to reminisce about the high school prom! haha


I just got back from the Miami Premiere of NOTORIOUS. Kelly Rowland, DJ Irie, Qwote, T.O. and some of the Miami Dolphins in attendance along with yours truly. I actually saw Billy Joel exiting the theater as I entered…wonder what he watched! Anyway, I enjoyed the film and learned a few things about BIG I didn’t know. Great casting – the likeness’ of most of the characters was dead on…Derek Luke had Puff down…especially the dancing! The music was HOT…brought me back to those feel good days in the 90’s at SJSU. Now where were you when you heard “It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.” Actually Biggie came to San Jose State, and I remember he had a signing in the Student Union, Juicy had just come out at that time…wow, I’m dating myself! lol Anyway, NOTORIOUS opens up this Friday, I say if you love HIP HOP…go see it!

***Note – I forgot to mention that the theater was in South Beach and before we could enter the NOTORIOUS screening we were subjected to a (bag) search – not unusual when they’re making sure we’re not trying to make bootleg copies…but Metal Detectors too?!?! They said it was a “special” movie! I wonder what exactly that means? Thanks Cherisse for reminding me to point that out!*** 



Doubt is a new movie based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play Doubt: A Parable, both directed by John Patrick Shanley. It’s a very intense drama that explores the subject of abuse in the Catholic Church. When I went to the screening, it was almost like sitting through mass! I really enjoyed it. The film had my full attention and just when you think you have it figured out, a little doubt might creep in on ya! After I left, it took a minute for me to snap out of it… The acting was great, and the film’s been nominated for 5 Golden Globe Awards! I was a bit apprehensive about interviewing Meryl Streep, but she’s a seasoned pro and very sweet! I couldn’t help but to reminisce about my school days at St. Patrick’s in San Jose, and yes Mom, I was listening when you told me stories about the nuns ripping your skirt hem when it was too short…I even told Meryl!

The Sexiest Man Alive!

Here’s more of my interview with Hugh Jackman…People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive!” Notice how he says MY NAME in one of his responses! So here’s a behind the scenes story. I interviewed him at maybe 10am, each reporter gets about 5 minutes to do the interview and then another comes in, so it’s a big round robin of people… Anyway, later in the day, I’d say about 3pm, he gets onto the elevator with me (as I was headed down to the lobby), and he’s like, “Aubrey, right?” I was so impressed he remembered my name!