My Under Water Live Shot

The things I do for work… I did my first ever live shot from under water yesterday. It may even be a first for Deco. I have never scuba dived before and sure I wasn’t in the open water, but it was pretty crazy putting on the “mask” and going under water to talk to South Florida on LIVE TV! I felt like Darth Vader in there, the breathing was loud, so when I was talking I felt strange and then you have to do these weird breath inhale things before you can talk….but I’m happy I pulled it off and all went well!! Thanks to Red Carter for sponsoring my swimsuits too!


Marchesa Girls

I had the pleasure of interviewing the “Marchesa Girls” last week at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour! These ladies create some of the most beautiful & amazing dresses and gowns and you’ve seen the Marchesa designs on all the red carpets! JLo, Halle Berry, Freida Pinto, etc… I wish I had enough occassions and events to wear every single one in the collection.

Side note…I wore my friend Tamae’s – Ishii NYC designer top – for the interview and got tons of compliments. See my previous post where I mentioned that Paula Abdul wore the same top for an episode of American Idol!

Ishii on Idol


Paula Abdul wore an Ishii NYC on American Idol last Wednesday! My good friend Tamae Ishii IS Ishii NYC, so I want to congratulate her on the accomplishment…Paula looked fabulous! The 100% Hammered Silk Blouse is from Ishii NYC’s Fall 2009 collection and is available in either gold or purple. If you want to get this look and/or see more of Tamae’s designs, please visit Ishii NYC online!

Lost at Sea

My heart goes out to the 3 men (Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith and William Bleakley) lost at sea off Florida’s west coast. I have been praying since I learned of their situation over the weekend, and I can’t imagine what their families must be going through…such a sudden, tragic and heartbreaking situation.

I particularly feel more connected to the story because I knew Marquis through mutual friends and I worked with his Dad, Bruce, in the sports department at KPNX in Phoenix, where we also hosted, Friday Night Fever (high school football show) together. He always spoke so highly of his only son and was the ever-proud father, even donning Marquis’ Tampa Bay jersey for one of our shows. I remain hopeful and will continue to pray and keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.

Fly Khicks

Miami’s Fly Khicks are still in the running to be America’s Best Dance Crew! Enjoy this little snippet and look out for full backstage coverage with the Fly Khicks, Lil Mama and Shane coming up On The Flipside! Thanks to AJ and the guys for getting this backstage footage for me…