OMG Vids

There isn’t anything over the top “OMG” about these videos…but I’m producing and hosting them for a company called OMG National! 😉 Look out for my series of OMG Marketing Minute videos coming to a computer, handheld, mobile device, etc… NEAR YOU!!!

The first couple are online…press play below to check em out!

Touch Dolls: Deliano Fashion Show

Last night I attended a fashion show to benefit the Children’s Home Society at Touch Dolls boutique in (MiMo neighborhood) Miami. My gorgeous friend Constances Jones of WPLG was the host for the evening… and the owner of Touch Dolls was showing off her new Deliano designs collection!

Here are a couple more pics from the event of me and the girls hanging out!

above (l-r): Adrianna, Jessica, Constance and Me

To see all the photos from the event, please visit the Soul of Miami website!

My New ‘Mommy’ Blog

53 Weeks is OFFICIAL! This new Mommy Blog isn’t as much about its creator as it is about the huge network of Mommy’s who make the world go ’round!

53 Weeks is all it took for site creator Aubrey Aquino to become a mother to two beautiful baby boys, and now “53 Weeks” has become her platform to showcase anything and everything that happens in the realm of a Mom’s world! 53 Weeks will share first hand stories in Mommy 101, spotlight the diverse lifestyles of all types of Moms through Q&A profiles, check out and review new, hip and cool baby gear, offer tips for fitness and fun, fast recipes for families on the go, as well as be a place for you to show off your favorite kid pics!

Special thanks to Tony Robles aka tony.psd for creating the awesome cartoon illustration take on Aubrey and her 2 boys for the 53 Weeks graphic, Adrienne Aquino for her additional graphic and design consulting and of course to Darryl Lee Sang of Interactive Minds for his hard work and input in setting up the website.

Be sure to check the site everyday for new content and you can follow us via social media too!

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2013 “Favorite Things”

A couple of my friends made the 2013 list for OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS! How exciting is that? I am so proud to say I know these people and it’s wonderful to see their grind and hard work getting some much-deserved attention after some years of keeping with it.

So, first up is Logan Real. He is a Miami-native that I met while doing a custom shoe story for Deco Drive. These days he is doing “big things” working with designers like Rebecca Minkoff adding his personal touch to her beautiful bags, with hand-painted custom monograms! Now, Oprah gives him the shout out for his signature on Monogram Gloves!

Second is Susan Hanover Designs. Oprah chose her stone drop earrings to feature on the list! I also met Susan years ago while pitching story ideas and she is a sweetheart! I’m very excited for both my friends… On that note, is it really time for HOLIDAY SHOPPING!?!?!




Yesterday I was BLESSED to be the recipient of a BABY SPRINKLE! What is a “sprinkle” you ask? Well, it’s a celebration to help Mom welcome baby #2 or #3 and so on. Basically you’re not showering the Mother with gifts, but rather sprinkling her with a few items!!! So, since I am having my second child, I already have many baby items and wasn’t anticipating any “hoopla” to accompany the impending arrival of baby #2…however my dear friend Constance aka “The Crafty Reporter,” insisted that we needed to celebrate!

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 9.13.11 AM

Well, I was just so flattered and she really went all out to make this intimate gathering of my Miami “family” really special — I am SO THANKFUL! She crafted lots of handmade cuteness with the dessert table and decor….I am SO IN LOVE with her crocheted crowns for my “Little Prince.” If you want to see some of her other yarn by design creations you can visit her website for Huggabeans. She is so good at making the most adorable baby hats, blankets, etc… 🙂

Every touch, from the printed menu’s, goodie bags, color scheme, fancy treats and all the extra attention to detail, really show and the sprinkle was nothing short of FABULOUS! Take a look at these photos of the “spread!”


And — of course I can’t forget the lovely women who attended the sprinkle…THANK YOU for coming and sprinkling me and baby #2 with LOVE!!

FYI — The venue for my Sprinkle was City Hall the Restaurant in downtown Miami…and the food was extra YUMMY!

Now it’s countdown time til my “Little Prince” arrives!


Miami HEAT :: Harlem Shake

I had to post this…just can’t get enough of this video!!! 🙂 So, this Harlem Shake “craze” has been making the rounds and everyone is getting in on the action with their own version. Well, the Miami HEAT (in my opinion) have made the best video hands down!!! I love that these guys aka millionaires, did the video as a team effort, and it’s so great to see them show off a fun side and be able to laugh at themselves being silly…and make me/others laugh and smile too! 🙂

And — if you couldn’t tell who’s who…here’s a quick rundown:

Some of the mysterious characters in the #HarlemShake video: Horse = Shane Battier, Nacho Libre = Joel Anthony, Kanye Bear = Dwyane Wade, Phantom = Ray Allen, Mime = Rashard Lewis

Love Language

I just finished reading “The 5 Love Languages.” This book is SO insightful and it’s given me new energy!!!

I had heard so much about this book and after a few friends (who have read it) recommended it to me, I decided to pick it up. WOW! First off, it’s an easy read and I immediately started seeing myself in the characters and stories told in the book. Second, it really began to open my eyes and reinforce the notion that how we GIVE love and how we want to RECEIVE it are usually the same, but the person we may be giving it to and how they return their love to us, are often times a different “language.”

I’m also excited to DISCOVER and KNOW my language(s). The book gives you the framework to determine which language will speak love to you, and I think in understanding yourself, it’s easier to communicate your needs. And then of course, if you can discover and know which language(s) will speak loudest to a loved one, it gives you the power to love them the way they want and NEED to be loved!

There’s also a cool online tool to help you determine your “love language.” Visit

So what’s your LOVE language??

* Words of Affirmation
* Quality Time
* Receiving Gifts
* Acts of Service
* Physical Touch


My “PushPage” is LIVE and online!!! 🙂 What is a PushPage?? Well, it’s a brand new social media “thing” and I’m so lucky to have been asked to be part of this start-up opportunity. It’s a “web/mobile technology that allows influencers to engage with their fans in an intimate way through personal Q&A…”

Here’s a screen shot snippet of my “verified” page, and feel free to check it out >>>

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 8.56.37 PM

So far I believe there’s only a very small number of people that have the “honor” of having a push page for the launch, and I’m in good company…other (select) peeps with a page include Kim K, Emma Stone, Russell Brand, Tory Burch, Blake Griffin, Adele, J.K. Rowling, Serena Williams, etc…

At any rate, every week I’ll be adding more Q&A and if you have a burning question, feel free to submit it and you might just get your answer! Just PUSH IT! 😉