I’m a Toys R Us Kid

If you’re curious to see these e-commerce videos I’ve been hosting for Toys R Us, no longer do you have to search their site to “hunt” for them…they’re also on youtube! I’ve embedded a few below, but you can also visit http://youtube.com/ToysRUsonline and you’ll find a bunch – uh, I’ve done at least 200 so far! The youtube versions are shorter than what you’ll find at http://toyrus.com but you get the idea… I just want to know, where were these toys when I was a kid!?!? Anyway, I’m shooting more products for them this week, so they’ll be more to come… 🙂

Family Time

Another stop on my recent travels was back home to the BAY AREA! I had to make this special trip and spend time with my Dad before he headed out to the Philippines for a while. It’s one thing to be on opposite coasts, but different continents is a tough one, so spending some QT with my favorite dude was a MUST! My Dad proved to me he can easily beat me in Wii Golf… BUT the best part of this weekend with my Dad was listening to Drake’s CD in the car and somehow he picked up on the hook for “Fancy” (Drake/Swizz track), and for the rest of the night it was “So, you fancy, huh?” lol …and he kept adding “think” to it and would say it with different inflections, tones, accents and implications…FUNNY! Maybe you had to be there… Ha!

Lucky for my Dad he has 3 Angels – me, Ade and Bologna


And I’m happy to report that prior to his send off we got his laptop set up with Skype and G-Chat, and taught him how to use them, so we can see him and speak to him…cuz sometimes the Magic Jack just isn’t enough.

I can’t forget my brother Adam either, who hooked it up (as always), with the Korean BBQ short ribs! YUMMY!

Nothing like Family Time!

Desert Stop

I made an Arizona desert stop last week to shoot a couple story segments for a new Health & Lifestyle program I am working on ..and of course had to squeeze in a little time to catch up with a few Phoenix friends and this time it included meeting a couple of new additions.

Here I am with (l-r) Reina, Christy, me and Marette at Geisha


And..Marette brought along her newest “best man” Alijah – he’s such a smiley baby!!


Jaseon is an old school Phoenix homie who’s since moved back to the Bay, but he just happened to be in town to hang…it was like a reunion!!


I also caught up with a fellow TV newser, Caribe and her sweetie Neveah… 🙂


My OWN Show

Oprah is having a competition…asking who wants to have their OWN show on her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)! Well, of course I’d love to have my OWN show…and after several friends, family and others approached me…it motivated me to put together my own audition! Well, I DID IT, so I’m sharing it here with you! We’ll see what happens..wish me luck!

OWN TV Audition –



Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! As I sit here watching the Cavaliers take on the Celtics in a Sunday matinee, I started thinking about my favorite Easter memories with my family and began perusing though old photos…


These photos are from 2005, I think that’s the last Easter I spent with my entire family!


Long gone are the days of boiling and coloring eggs and eating countless chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps…now I just focus on how blessed am I to have a great family and even though we’re separated by distance, they’re never far from my heart!

Funny People

Two screenings of a pair of comedy’s in 2 days! I’m happy to say that “Funny People” is FUNNY. There are lots of good laughs and the story makes sense, plus since there are so many comedians in it and it’s about their everyday lives (in a way) I also felt like I was sitting at a comedy club. Myspace makes a cameo in the movie, as do Rza, Eminem (Hip-Hop is EVERYWHERE!) and Ray Romano, to mention a few names…but let me not forget James Taylor – one of my Dad’s all-time favorite musicians, very cool and FUNNY to see him pop up! One of the things I loved most about the movie, besides the jokes, wit and sarcasm, is how the story had a heart and I could relate to the characters and situations. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m gonna go work on my “standup” now! haha

Home Improvement


I had to take an “emergency” trip to Phoenix to handle some unexpected repairs at my house, and it turned into a 3-day marathon of home improvements. We’re talking new carpets, painting all the walls and garage door, as well as fixing, replacing and DEEP cleaning of the entire house…among other things!

dscf3988  dscf3969  dscf4030

Thank goodness my friends Reina, Christy and Angie were around to lend their helping hands and keep me sane. Reina even created task lists and kept me focused! 



Reina and I also made several Home Depot runs and discovered “Stardust Building Supplies” in Mesa, where you can find things like replacement toilet tank covers (yes, I needed to replace a damaged one)!

dscf4023     dscf4034 

I’m so amazed at what we accomplished in just a few days…I guess I should’ve filmed it and turned it into an episode of Extreme Home Makeover or something for HGTV! lol

Read My Lips

Natasha Lipshtick can read lips…well “lip prints” anyway! So I puckered up…it was fun and insightful! Here are a few things she told me that didn’t make the edit: “when it comes to love you really analyze the person and decide if it’s right for you or not” and “a poem or write something to you, you would really appreciate it, it would means more to you than maybe spending thousands of dollars because you know that he really cares.”  Awww… She also said I have “green” aura…I hope that means money! lol