Universal Mind Control

Happy New Year! It’s the first of the month, the first of the year…and my first interview with Chicago’s own Common! I caught up with him at a Miami listening party for Universal Mind Control…really nice guy, and I LOVED that he took his time answering my questions and didn’t mind his “handlers” who were trying to rush me! Thanks to Claudia for the “FRESH EARS!”

2008 Year-Ender

Deco decided to do a “year-ender” with clips from some of my more memorable segments throughout the year…funny but there seems to be a “certain” theme! I guess I gotta stay in the gym for 2009 too, if I keep doing THOSE kind of stories! lol Happy New Year…see ya next year!

Travel Style

Since I’m such a “jet-setter,” it was only appropriate for me to do a segment on travel. I love luggage with 360 wheels, and I never buy bags in black, so I can easily spot my stuff. SHUBI was brought to my attention by a friend in NYC, and are super cute…you can find them at http://shubilove.com. If you want to shop, shubi’s are 15% off (til the end of January 2009) with promo code: DECODRIVE …and shout out to “Michael Antonio Footwear” for providing the fashionable kicks for the Shubi spot! The travel jewels are from Susan Hanover Designs…I actually found them, reading the SPIRIT Magazine on a Southwest flight! She also makes special bracelets as part of JOIN RED, to help fight AIDS in Africa!

‘Tis the Season for Spa

Happy Holidays! Here’s a nice way to get into the spirit of the season…a trip to Aquanox Spa inside the Trump Int’l Resort on Sunny Isles Beach. Basically, they took three regular spa treatments and gave ’em a Christmas Twist – a “Grinch” Martini Facial, Candy Cane Scrub, and Mistletoes! Peep my massive mane…time for a haircut or else they’re gonna start calling me “PUFFY!” Sometimes the straightening just doesn’t work for me in Miami, even in December when the humidity dies down!

Holiday Cookin’


I cook for my co-workers once a year for our holiday pot luck…and this year I made two (Filipino) dishes… Leche Flan and Pancit (Canton)! Last year it was lumpia (and they were looking for it), but I just wasn’t up to the rolling and deep frying this time around. Anyway, I’m happy to say I got another “gold star” for my cooking skills and I’ve been dubbed a “Renaissance Woman!” Thanks to my Mom (Leche Flan) and Arlyn & “Mamacita” (Pancit)…for the last minute tips to get my food just right!

Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary

When you think of Miami music, you think Luke, booty music, Trick Daddy, Trina and now there’s Rick Ross, Plies, Pitbull, etc… Well, Slip N Slide Records is respoonsible for so much of that hip hop music and they’re celebrating 15th years in the biz! The rooftop party at Hotel Victor in South Beach had a big turnout, and I had a great time…worked a little, then had to help ’em celebrate! BTW…Keith Sweat performed and it took me way back…think San Jose, Hot 97.7 in the late 80’s…lol I was just a youngin back then! *sigh*


Doubt is a new movie based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play Doubt: A Parable, both directed by John Patrick Shanley. It’s a very intense drama that explores the subject of abuse in the Catholic Church. When I went to the screening, it was almost like sitting through mass! I really enjoyed it. The film had my full attention and just when you think you have it figured out, a little doubt might creep in on ya! After I left, it took a minute for me to snap out of it… The acting was great, and the film’s been nominated for 5 Golden Globe Awards! I was a bit apprehensive about interviewing Meryl Streep, but she’s a seasoned pro and very sweet! I couldn’t help but to reminisce about my school days at St. Patrick’s in San Jose, and yes Mom, I was listening when you told me stories about the nuns ripping your skirt hem when it was too short…I even told Meryl!