OTF – Ep. 29: Wynwood!!!

Whew! I just edited my 29th episode of On The Flipside!! This one is a little extra special because I fine tuned my audio editing skills and exported it entirely in HD..but then BLIP (which I use to host my videos) only lets me upload 1GB and since this is more than 1GB…well on blip and facebook it’s SD, but youtube is HD!

At any rate, for this episode I hosted from the Wynwood (art) District of Miami and it features Michael Jordan’s 10th Annual Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas, my sit down interview with Minnesota Viking Bryant McKinnie and a close up with Sideline Distraction Katie of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team… and of course the SKDT is a little closer to my heart because well I used to dance for them – my first PRO dance team, AND next season they may be (in Sacto) NO MORE! 🙁 Anyway, tune in, watch and enjoy!! This episode and all the preceding 28 episodes can be found at http://ontheflipsidetv.com

OTF: Bryant McKinnie

Last week (On The Flipside) I had a chance to sit down with Minnesota Viking Bryant McKinnie who just returned from a trip to Rwanda and Uganda. His journey was as part of a missionary trip with Pros for Africa, where he teamed up with other NFL players to bring aid to Africa. He had some great insight and invited me and the crew into his home for the interview.


We were also able to get some video clips and photos from his trip to build into the edit…so, you can watch it below. Usually I wait until I have all my segments to edit into one show, but for now I think I’ll just post them individually and also edit the full shows when I have all my content, so be on the lookout for that On The Flipside!!