Bon Qui Qui + Alexander Wang

The Spring 2013 T by Alexander Wang video features comedienne Anjelah Johnson reprising her role as Bon Qui Qui, as the newest employee at the Alexander Wang NYC flagship store.

Cameos by Alessandra Ambrosio, A$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan & Natasha Lyonne.

Director: Gavin McInnes
Cinematography: Rob Gilbert
Editing: Alain Alfaro
Casting & Creative Consultant: Anita Bitton
Styling: Alastair McKimm
Hair: Kennie Johnson
Makeup: James Boehmer for Nars
Manicurist: Tracy Lee

Jay Z takes NYC Subway Train

I love this!! Jay Z aka Jigga took the NYC Subway “R” Train to the brand new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn for his final show there. Either he’s had it with gas prices, is going green or maybe he didn’t want to deal with traffic! j/k…ha! Seriously, I respect that he isn’t “too cool” to hop on the Subway and it just goes to show that EVERYONE can use public transportation… Although it’s obviously not the “safest” thing since he attracts so much attention and people get all “paparazzi” and lose their minds!! Check it in the video…

The Flood Never Ended

My artist Jae Millz released his latest mixtape yesterday, “The Flood Never Ended.” It’s the 4th installment in “The Flood ” series and this one plays more like a street album with no freestyles! Music on this “DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar present” CD release, also features VADO, Yo Gotti, Show Tufli, Meek Mill and Tity Biy.

Listen and download NOW! DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar present: THE FLOOD NEVER ENDED Welcome Home Weezy Edition >>

And… *The first 100 (t-shirt) orders at will receive a signed copy of “The Flood Never Ended!” LEGGGOOO


Also, check out this video for “Remain In The Sky” …one of the songs off The Flood Never Ended. Video directed and edited by Wolph Creations.

XXL Freshmen ’10 Cover

Every year XXL Magazine releases an issue featuring a selection of (who they choose to label) the hot *NEW* FRESHMEN. I’m using “new” lightly because some of them aren’t exactly “new.” Anyway, there’s been some discussion and controversy (hip hop loves controversy) about who made the cover, who shouldn’t be on the cover and who SHOULD be on it. One of those artists who many feel should be on the cover is VADOCam’s protege and one of the artists I work with…and being that my other artist Jae Millz feels some kind of way about VADO *NOT* being selected in that class, he spoke on it with True Stories Radio …appreciate you Dutch!

Nonetheless, this interview has sparked a lot of debate, and it’s sort of funny to me that people ONLY hear what they want to hear and then proceed to take it to the next level, whether it be to take personal shots at Millz or interpret what he may or may not be saying, etc… Basically, my take is, he said he’s only familiar with half (5) of the rappers who made the XXL cover, he didn’t say those 5 all deserved to be on it or didn’t, he just said he only knew about half of them. Then he said he strongly feels VADO should’ve been included in that group.

So, it’s just funny to me because at no point did he say he, himself should be on it, or was he making direct comparisons…he just put it out there that he doesn’t agree with all of the choices! lol But, again, people just hear what they want and love to add fuel to the fire! See, this is what I like about Millz, is that he is passionate, and not afraid to speak his mind and stick by his statement. People who know me, know I’m outspoken just the same when I feel a certain kind of way…so I appreciate the raw, blunt, direct honesty!

Anyway, to sort of spin this whole XXL Freshmen cover thing…there’s a show going down tonight hosted by DJ Envy at the Highline Ballroom in NYC featuring performances by 6 of the artists who made that cover. Coincidentally, Cam’ron has been called in for a special performance and guess who he’s bringing out…VADO (ah, the irony)…and I wonder who might just make a cameo on stage with VADO!? Someone who has a lot to say and sticks by what he says… I’m just sayin’ … Millzy might just be there!! 😉

I’m sure tonight will be an unforgettable show with great up and coming artists, who’ve probably been on their grind much longer than we’ve known their names… and with Cam and VADO (U.N.) on stage, plus special cameo appearances…this is just what NYC needs to get (real) hip hop back on track! I won’t be there tonight, but I’ll be there in spirit and waiting to see pictures and video from the event!


I spent the last week in NYC – part business, always pleasure and of course it was 100% hustle. I stayed with my good friend and Raiderette sister Tamae, who’s a high fashion designer – for Ishii NYC,  living on the Upper East Side with his Persian Cats and a long-hair chihuahua named Dauphine, nicknamed “Fatty” ..she weighs a whole 3 pounds and has more than 50 doggy couture outfits! lol

The day I arrived it was rainy, and everyone was saying it just got cold, but PLEASE, with my thin blood, anything under 70 is “ice cubes!” haha Nonetheless, I met up with my cousin Gemmie who was in NYC visiting from ATL, and then Tamae took me to Max Brenner Chocolate for some really tasty hot chocolate. On Sunday, we ventured out to a NY Knicks game at MSG…my first time there EVER! It was a lot smaller than I expected, but definitely a packed house with loyal fans…and they won!


My cousin Arielle came down for the day from SUNY Purchase to hang out…


…and we had great seats..right behind the visitor’s bench..happened to be the NJ Nets that day!

That night we had dinner at TAO with a friend from the Daily News, and feasted on a decadent dessert platter!

Monday I met up with my artist VADO in Harlem for his photo shoot!

Thanks to Ivan, Abby, Manda and Natalie…lots of different looks, it was good times!!

dscf4845 dscf4844 dscf4843

Betweeen Monday and Tuesday I was running around shooting segments for On The Flipside and Locker Blogger, went by the CAVI NYC office and also visited with the Stereotypes who were in town recording….then Tuesday night Anjelah Johnson flew in, so we had to meet up too!


Last but not least, I can’t forget the cupcakes! Tamae insisted I have these before I go… and man were they YUMMY!!

A Vanilla with Strawberry frosting and a “Brooklyn Blackout!”