I had the pleasure of visiting the Windy City this past weekend. I made the trip with T, since it’s his hometown and my Mom came from the Bay to join us! It was hard to leave the warm Miami sunshine…but albeit much cooler, it wasn’t horrible weather in Chicago!


And — since Chitown is just a great mecca for food – I think I went home with an extra 10 pounds – we did the food circuit, eating at Valois, Harold’s Fried Chicken, Table 52, Giordanos and Ed Debevic’s…you can see I donned a “busser” hat while chowing down on my burger, fries and shake! The funny thing about that spot is I guess their “schtick” is to give customers attitude and sharp-tongued wit, so they kinda toss the straws at you, act impatient and talk back with plenty of sarcasm. Haha!! What was even more amusing to me is that my Mom would try to make comeback lines and give it to ’em…LOL It was nice to see her having a good time!

Another touristy thing we did was climb (on an elevator) 103 floors up over the skyline to the Chicago Skydeck in the Sears Tower! That was fun…they say on a perfectly clear day you can see four states.


They also have these glass encased ledge/look out thingees…where I guess you can feel like you’re suspended in air…so if you don’t like heights…don’t look down!