Hilton Head

FABULOUS!!! I was so excited to take a quick trip to Hilton Head for “business.” I have always heard such wonderful things about this island and it did not disappoint! I was rollin’ solo on this trip and just to unwind, relax and sit along the beach for an afternoon was all I needed.


I stayed in an Oceanfront Suite at the Hilton Resort…check out the “lounge” scene on my balcony!


The walk-up to the beach is so picturesque!


My favorite though, was being on the beach, along the warm Atlantic Ocean…


During the afternoon it’s low tide, so the “beach” stretches pretty far before you get to the water and all the sand is super soft, with a touch of moisture, but packed tightly so people can bike along the shore >> LOVE THAT!


This was my “set up” …it felt private, no one within 20/30 yards + …first I was laying out right on the edge where my toes were in the water, but as you can see (my trail), I dragged it back when the tide started to come back in.


Spotted this cutie crab walking in the sand…photo is zoomed in ..it was maybe 2-3 inches wide at most.


Life’s a beach! South Carolina…I WILL be back!