I just got back from the Miami Premiere of NOTORIOUS. Kelly Rowland, DJ Irie, Qwote, T.O. and some of the Miami Dolphins in attendance along with yours truly. I actually saw Billy Joel exiting the theater as I entered…wonder what he watched! Anyway, I enjoyed the film and learned a few things about BIG I didn’t know. Great casting – the likeness’ of most of the characters was dead on…Derek Luke had Puff down…especially the dancing! The music was HOT…brought me back to those feel good days in the 90’s at SJSU. Now where were you when you heard “It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.” Actually Biggie came to San Jose State, and I remember he had a signing in the Student Union, Juicy had just come out at that time…wow, I’m dating myself! lol Anyway, NOTORIOUS opens up this Friday, I say if you love HIP HOP…go see it!

***Note – I forgot to mention that the theater was in South Beach and before we could enter the NOTORIOUS screening we were subjected to a (bag) search – not unusual when they’re making sure we’re not trying to make bootleg copies…but Metal Detectors too?!?! They said it was a “special” movie! I wonder what exactly that means? Thanks Cherisse for reminding me to point that out!*** 


Rick Ross “Resort”

Rapper Rick Ross invited me over for a tour of his home…I dubbed it the “Rick Ross Resort!” I mean there’s just so much to do there, you wouldn’t need a vacation…or a rental car since he has PLENTY of rides! The funniest thing to me is the socks, it’s probably the first time I’ve been walking around interviewing someone in socks, and it’s just funny to see! And…who else can say they ate Vienna Sausages -straight out the can – with Rick Ross on TV!? lol There’s so much more footage that wasn’t shown in this segment, but I’m sure it’ll pop up “On The Flipside” soon! 😉

Universal Mind Control

Happy New Year! It’s the first of the month, the first of the year…and my first interview with Chicago’s own Common! I caught up with him at a Miami listening party for Universal Mind Control…really nice guy, and I LOVED that he took his time answering my questions and didn’t mind his “handlers” who were trying to rush me! Thanks to Claudia for the “FRESH EARS!”

Slip N Slide’s 15th Anniversary

When you think of Miami music, you think Luke, booty music, Trick Daddy, Trina and now there’s Rick Ross, Plies, Pitbull, etc… Well, Slip N Slide Records is respoonsible for so much of that hip hop music and they’re celebrating 15th years in the biz! The rooftop party at Hotel Victor in South Beach had a big turnout, and I had a great time…worked a little, then had to help ’em celebrate! BTW…Keith Sweat performed and it took me way back…think San Jose, Hot 97.7 in the late 80’s…lol I was just a youngin back then! *sigh*

“I Am Music”

Lil Wayne’s “I Am Music” world tour kicked off at Miami’s American Airlines Arena last night. My NY fam came into town, but (big bro) Tone said, “No paparazzi” and wouldn’t let me take his picture, but it’s all good, since the effort was for the homie Jae Millz (who gladly posed with me for a blog picture). He’s on tour with Young Money and is featured on the “Dedication 3” mixtape…go out and get it!

The show was nice. Millz did his thing and was looking good! He introduced me to some of the other Young Money artists, like Mack Maine, who might just be the next big thing! T-Pain and his THR33 Rings performed before Wayne and Young Money…it was definitely circus-like, the crowd loved that he closed his set with “I’m So Hood,” by bringing out local favs – DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy and Ace Hood. I missed Keyshia Cole and Gym Class Heroes, but I’m sure they put on a good show too! Also spy-ed in the crowd (from my ‘VIP’) backstage vantage point…Birdman, actress Lauren London, Super Producer Timbaland, Miami HEAT Rookie Forward Michael Beasley and Floyd Mayweather. Here are more of the pix I took during the show…