OTF: Episode 32!!

The 32nd installation of On The Flipside is now online, and I’m already looking forward to #33. The good news is I’m freeing up some valuable time, so I plan to figure out how to take OTF to the next level… 🙂

On this episode, we’ve got highlights from Zo’s Summer Groove, and this year special guests Alicia Keys and Cee Lo Green performed…I was a bit jealous I wasn’t on hand for this time around, but nonetheless I do have the highlights! Then, in Orlando, see footage from Dwight Howard’s Pro Camp, followed up with the SF Giants trip to the White House. This episode’s Sideline Distraction is Stephanie, a Seattle Sea Gal!! You can watch all the shows by visiting http://ontheflipsidetv.com

Aubrey Does Dallas

I ventured to the Lone Star State last week for a couple reasons… #1 – visit my good friends Bec and Skip and their twins in their Dallas home (that I have failed to see since they moved there!) AND #2 – attend a few NBA All-Star events.

My first day in town it SNOWED and SNOWED…so, the babies took the opportunity to make me their snowball target!! I mean really, who taught them to do this? It’s okay, I know it’s because I’m their favorite Auntie!!

Thursday was just TOO snowy, but Friday we did manage to head out to the Lift Lounge and hang out…

I also ran into my girl Sonya from AZ and her crew. (Katie, Megan and Jennifer on my right)

Saturday afternoon I shot my All-Star show intros for On The Flipside (look out for the new episode) and that night attended the NBPA Gala.


Come Sunday it was time for the NBA All-Star game at the GINORMOUS Cowboys Stadium! The place is HUGE…and that screen is mind-blowing. I mean even if you’re there, you can’t really watch the game because you’ll just keep staring at the HD screen!


However, despite the freezing temps, massive crowds and traffic, at least I can say I’ve been there and was part of the history making 108k+ fans in attendance.


Lucky me I was treated to a seat in one of the luxury boxes…thanks Bec and Skip!


The game was great fun and a clear view of the halftime show featuring Shakira and Alicia Keys wasn’t bad either!!

shakira akeys