Dubs All Day

I spent part of the 2nd day of 2014 at the HEAT vs. Warriors game at American Airlines Arena.

photo 1

It’s only once a year (NBA season) when my hometown, Bay Area, Golden State Warriors make it to South Florida, and after many years of struggles and heartache for fans, the team is finally competing (and beating) the competition! Plus, I have to make sure to show some “California Love” …so, it was exciting to see the team in action in Miami and to represent & support a team I grew up watching!

DUBS ALL DAY! I also got to sport a custom shirt design by Tony.psd in the Warriors Blue and Yellow – in fact there were lots of Golden State fans in the crowd Thursday night… so that was fun to see too!!

photo 2

And — post game my friend Maite and I were invited to check out “HYDE” – the ‘exclusive” court side club, which was nice because I hadn’t been down there yet when it was “club” time… and coincidentally I ran into my friend Jenn, who was visiting Miami from the Bay! Good times!

photo 4


Miami HEAT :: Harlem Shake

I had to post this…just can’t get enough of this video!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ So, this Harlem Shake “craze” has been making the rounds and everyone is getting in on the action with their own version. Well, the Miami HEAT (in my opinion) have made the best video hands down!!! I love that these guys aka millionaires, did the video as a team effort, and it’s so great to see them show off a fun side and be able to laugh at themselves being silly…and make me/others laugh and smile too! ๐Ÿ™‚

And — if you couldn’t tell who’s who…here’s a quick rundown:

Some of the mysterious characters in the #HarlemShake video: Horse = Shane Battier, Nacho Libre = Joel Anthony, Kanye Bear = Dwyane Wade, Phantom = Ray Allen, Mime = Rashard Lewis


What a wonderful way to start the week! Today I attended the Miami HEAT victory parade and celebration at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. I’ve heard varying numbers on just how many folks descended along the parade route to be part of history, but supposedly in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS!!! Okay, so I didn’t exactly stand along the parade route, but in my “condition” that’s not a good idea right now. I was able to take part in the experience though inside the arena where we watched the parade on the big screen and I partied alongside season ticket holders for the exclusive event! So much FUN..I mean where else can the DJ spin Rick Ross’ “BMF” and the entire arena sings along…and then go into Jackson 5 “I want you back” and the crowd keeps on keepin’ on!?!? LOLย  Check out some of my pictures from the “inside…”

Watch The Throne

I was lucky enough to attend “Watch The Throne” in Miami last night, courtesy of Dontaira and Kia… ๐Ÿ™‚ The Jay-Z and Kanye concert is nothing short of fabulous, amazing, exciting and inspiring!! The energy inside American Airlines Arena was unbelievable, not an empty seat in the house..and of course plenty of star sightings with DWade and LeBron leading the way, (on what could’ve been a HEAT game night at Triple A), but nonetheless, thousands upon thousands of Hip Hop fans threw the Roc in the air to party with the best of ’em – myself included! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I borrowed the above pic from @CCole_E twitter, cuz apparently her tickets were slightly closer then mine…LOL!! I’m not complaining though…I had a great view of everything I needed to see.

The set design and staging for the show were extremely well done, they had a main stage with a platform that went up and down centered in front of it, then opposite there was another platform which could be raised as well, bringing the artists closer to the crowd across the main stage.

bluejayz redkanye

The lighting and use of lasers, fire and effects = mind-blowing…I was seriously mesmerized.

green jay

Obviously I wouldn’t expect anything less from Hip Hop Royalty, but all the staging, paired with SO MANY hits…all that music…WOW, just WOW!


During the 2 hour show they each had their own sets in addition to performing several songs together from Watch The Throne and elsewhere….but more than anything, I loved hearing Jay’s hits that took me back a good decade + … and being surrounded with everyone else who felt it too.


And — the best part, they did “Ni**as in Paris” 5 TIMES!! Twice to close the show and 3 times for an encore….and each time they re-started the crowd loved it that much more! “THAT SHIT CRAY!!!”

Shouts to my concert date Kimi..it was her FIRST EVER rap/hip hop concert!! I know, right!?!? It was a hot, sweaty, humid mess inside the Arena, but worth every beat that we danced too.


How many artists can make tens of thousands (grown ass adult fans) throw the Roc symbol in the air and all be on the same beat…. If they’re coming to an arena near you…you DON’T want to miss it…simply EPIC.

Erykah Badu in Miami

I attended the Erykah Badu concert in Miami last night, acting off a last-minute spontaneous invite by my friend Kimi to get me out of the house! I think this may also be the first time I’ve been to the American Airlines Arena when it transforms into the “Waterfront Theater” for a more intimate setting. I wouldn’t say I’m a HUGE fan of Ms. Badu, but I respect her music and I definitely know her more mainstream/popular hits and who doesn’t appreciate LIVE music?!

She came on stage wearing a purple hoodie and immediately Kimi freaked and was like, “Is she going to strip??” ….referring to the recent controversial music video released by Badu for her new song Window Seat, where she systematically removes all her clothing in downtown Dallas while walking to the spot were JFK was killed. Needless to say that wasn’t going to happen, but she did have a minor wardrobe change, adding a top hat and fitted letterman jacket.

I love the way she keeps it “real.” I’ve never paid too close of attention to her specific lyrics, but she is a true poet when expressing her pain and life experiences, especially when it comes to love and heartache. She also did snippets of classic Hip Hop rhymes, which the audience clearly appreciated and chimed in on the popular verses.

All in all, I had a great “date night” with Kimi. I was expecting Badu to do her frequently quoted Tyrone song, but it didn’t happen even though a whole lotta folks in the audience screamed for it!

Oh yeah, here’s a youtube I found with her On and On performance if you want a taste of the show!