At long last the “Everglading with Anjelah Johnson” video! Courtesy of Derick G. check out Anjelah’s trip to the Florida Everglades and the Billie Swamp Safari! I was able to take her there this past May while she was in between shows at the Improv’s in Hollywood and West Palm Beach, Florida. I love how my car gets to make a cameo in this production…and when I watched this edit I was cracking up just as much as that day when we were shooting it! ๐Ÿ™‚ So…click play now!!

Kudos and many thanks to Derick for putting this video together AND doing such a fantastic job with the edit! It’s one of the best docu-reality shows EVER..not biased or anything! hehe… Also, if you want to see my original post about Anjelah’s visit with pictures…click here – ANJELAH VISIT


AND — be sure to visit Anjelah’s new blog — http://anjelahjohnson.tumblr.com

Anjelah Visit

I’m a little late on these…BUT better late than never. I actually just uploaded these pics now! I kinda sort of forgot about them… Nonetheless, my girl Anjelah Johnson was the headliner at the Seminole Hard Rock Improv in May, so of course I had to take a crew to check out her show.

Here’s some of our FUNNY group… DJ Affect, Derick G, Manda, me and the Sheltons (Dara and Donald)!


Kimi jumped in for this “ladies” pic.


It was great having Anj around for the week…we hit Ocean Drive one night – can you say MANGO’s! lol


That was the smiley pic, this is the obligatory West Coast photo…


And since she was in So Fla…I brought her by Billie Swamp Safari..we shot video too, but uhm DERICK G!! (hint hint) we’re still waiting on it!


That’s all folks! I’ll post our safari video as soon as it gets edited.

Big Apple Adventure

I recently returned home from a trip to New York. My good friend Grace met me there (coming from LA) and it was her FIRST time ever in NYC, so I had to share with her what I love about the city that never sleeps!

Our first day there, we were tired from our flights, but hit the streets immediately! After checking in at our hotel (Hudson Hotel), we met another good friend of mine, the ‘Sneaker Sensei’ for lunch at Pio Pio.. (it was Cinco de Mayo, that’s the closest we could find to Mexican in the area)…lol Then, we walked by the Empire State building and made the first of several trips to H&M. I also ran into my buddy Mike Hill from ESPN, caught up with him for a second, before we went back to our hotel, grabbed some Pinkberry and got ready to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show, Banana Shpeel at the Beacon Theatre. Well, the theatre was beautiful, but the show not so much, although we did enjoy the girl who could twirl things on her 4 limbs while standing on her head and the Russian male “pole dancer.” So, we cut that show short and met up with another friend, CJ of Deep Foundation.

He took us to Times Square, we ate at Junior’s and of course had the cheesecake!


Remember this is Grace’s first time to NYC, so she was in awe of pretty much everything she saw from the tall buildings to the lights, all the people, etc… BUT her favorite was having a heart attack every time we got into a taxi…thinking we were gonna crash!!

The next day I took Grace to see some of the shops on 5th Ave, but we eventually ended up at the CAVI NYC showroom with the homie Phil…that’s a regular stop for me, every time I go to NY.

That evening after a quick change we headed over to Harlem Lanes for the Celebrity Strikeout event.


I did a little bit of work, while enjoying the event…I had to make sure VADO and Millz got some face time…

We briefly stopped by an after party, but NYC was kicking our butts and the shoes were expired….

Friday, Grace and I went downtown to check out the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, we also went by Ground Zero and Wall St….but the highlight was going to see the one and only Anjelah Johnson who just happened to be headlining at Comix.

Some of my Miami friends were also in town (DJ Affect, Derick G and Mr. Bowtie South), so we had a nice group for the show…GOOD TIMES!


The next day we met up with Anjelah for some brunch and LOVED the corn “elote”…hehe


I think a common bond I have with most of my friends is that we all LOVE TO EAT! Here we are chowing down again at Philippe’s…me, Cipha, Anjelah, Veronica and Mitchell.


All in all, a very nice trip…although it did get extended by a couple days since my flight ended up getting canceled! ha

Quotes – Our Family Wedding

I decided to do a different kind of ‘blog’ instead of my usual “review”…and this time I figured I’d get some quotes from friends who watched the movie – since I instructed everyone to do so! lol Personally, I enjoyed it, especially since my girl Anjelah‘s in it, but honestly, there are so many similarities in the story and characters to people I know in real life! Even though I’m Filipino-American and the story involves a Mexican-American family, our cultures are alike in so many ways, it was easy for me to put myself in her shoes! See what people are saying…

It was funny and easy to relate to! My fave scene was when she sang to Marcus in her PJ’s. “Abort…abort!” Haha! :)” – Riza

That movie was hilarious!!!! Thank goodness my Granny ain’t psycho! I wonder if part 2 be about the Asians lol” – Jennifer

It was great seeing Carlos’ & Forrest’s characters battling it out…FUN” – ckinjo1

And I lifted these off her FB Fan page…

I laughed so hard throughout the entire movie! “Wanna Bounce?” LMAO!” – Justin

I loved the scene where Anjelah is singing with the mariachis!! Great job!” – Amy

Absolutely LOVED it! Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD and for Anjelah’s next film!” – Angie

Our Family Wedding

I am so excited to see Our Family Wedding, I’d probably go watch it anyway, but really, I can’t wait because one my favorite people Anjelah Johnson is starring in it!! I’m so proud of her and she’s accomplished so much in just a short amount of time in Hollywood. It just goes to show hard work, faith and being a GREAT person pay off! Here are a couple of her red carpet pics from last night’s NYC premiere…

anjredcarpet3 anjredcarpet1

You gotta love her…she always stays true to herself and represents in the best way! Also check out this video interview of her I put together where she talks about her role in the film, her best friend’s wedding and she even gives couples advice! ๐Ÿ™‚

Make sure you also check out her ‘on-set’ interview in the latest episode of On The Flipside and be sure to see her new movie in theaters, starting this Friday, March 12!!

I’m going to Indiana…

Okay so I already went to Indiana… I recently visited the University of Indiana-Bloomington to speak at the MAFA Conference, and they were happy to help me shoot the standups for my latest episode!! On this show, On The Flipside is on campus (freezing) and features NFL Tight End Daniel Wilcox, the beautiful Miss Anjelah Johnson on set for her new movie Our Family Wedding, the 2010 NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders in “Battle of the Beauties” and the Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor. Check it out On The Flipside!!

Bon Qui Qui

Here’s a plug for one of my favorite people in the world, Anjelah Johnson. I recently had her interviewed for a couple of my TV projects, On The Flipside and First Look on the Cheer Channel, so look out for those features, but there was just so much fun stuff (that didn’t make the edits), I decided to share!! In this EXCLUSIVE video interview (thanks AJ and Julius) she does her “Filipino accent” when talking about her new movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and also gives us the back story on her popular character Bon Qui Qui – it’s all about Memphis, Burger King and her brother! Enjoy!!

Also, don’t forget to tune into Anjelah’s BIG 1-hour Comedy Central special this Monday, December 28! Her show features DJ Angie Vee, the Beat Freaks and of course the one and only Anjelah Johnson!!


Check out her personal website at http://anjelahnicolejohnson.com and follow her on twitter @anjelahjohnson