Jae Millz DUB Photoshoot

Yesterday was a busy day for me and my (Young Money) artist  Jae Millz. After a couple weeks, of planning, styling, coordinating and hustle…we were under a Miami bridge for Millz DUB Magazine photoshoot. He LOVED the purple watch….

Thanks to The Collection for the beautiful 2010 Aston Martin DBS Volante, as well as the shoot stylist Brie of Abriel Style, and “photo shoot” expert Kimi from Pamper Me Pink, they both kept me sane with all the last minute adjustments. I also appreciate UPnUP for accepting my invite to shoot some behind the scenes action for us! You can see more pix from the shoot here http://upnup.blogspot.com/2009/10/jae-millz.html

….and he also put together a quick video of the Millz shoot.


Now of course more is to come On The Flipside …thanks to Alan for the videography!! Thank you’s also go out to Woodie at LRG, Joseph at Last Rights and Rahsaan at Stock X Change for the clothing and Merv the Barber for getting Millz lookin so fresh and so clean! A BIG THANK YOU also to photographer Derek Gil and Rich with WD Corp…it’s a “movement” and this is just the beginning!


Rick Ross “Resort”

Rapper Rick Ross invited me over for a tour of his home…I dubbed it the “Rick Ross Resort!” I mean there’s just so much to do there, you wouldn’t need a vacation…or a rental car since he has PLENTY of rides! The funniest thing to me is the socks, it’s probably the first time I’ve been walking around interviewing someone in socks, and it’s just funny to see! And…who else can say they ate Vienna Sausages -straight out the can – with Rick Ross on TV!? lol There’s so much more footage that wasn’t shown in this segment, but I’m sure it’ll pop up “On The Flipside” soon! 😉