My Boys!

This is what LOVE looks like! I’m carrying 50 pounds of pure LOVE…my 2 most prized possessions! And — oh yeah, we’re posing with the 3 Miami HEAT NBA Championship Trophies! Never too early to teach them that hard work and dedication will turn you into a WINNER!!! 🙂

Baby Boom!

Three of my close friends have all welcomed new additions to their respective family’s in the past month…3 new babies!! So, I wanted to give them a warm welcome on my blog because I am so excited to meet them!!!

First up is Naomi Sky – 08.12.10, 8lbs 14oz, 20 inches long


Then came Kingston – 08.19.10, 6lbs 12oz, 19.5 inches long


Completing the “trio” of new babies is Jake – 09.10.10, 6lbs, 9oz, 19 3/4 inches long