Birthday in the Nation’s Capitol


I spent my (pre) birthday weekend in the U.S. Capitol with some of my best girlfriend’s. I’m not really big on making a BIG deal out of my birthday as I get up there in age…LOL, but since a fewΒ of my girls have relocated to the area and a few others willing to travel to hang out for a girl’s weekend…why not?


My first night in town we had dinner at The Hamilton, which is not only a very tasty DC spot, but they have a great ambiance and a performance venue there as well. A couple of my fellow NFL Pro Cheer Alumni gals (Joi and Mari) came out to break bread with me, and we shared so many laughs…weekend got off to a great start.


The next day we did some sightseeing…whenever you are in DC, a stop at 1600 Penn is a must! It was a beautiful weather over the weekend for walking around and taking in the DC sights…we squeezed in a little shopping too! πŸ˜‰


That night we enjoyed a yummy dinner at STK in Dupont Circle. Pictured above (l-r) Cat, Dara, Cherisse, Norma, me, Rene and Rohelia. I am so flattered that all these girls made time to hang out…we all get so busy in our lives that sometimes it is tough to find time, and especially as a Mom now, my social calendar revolves around their activities…it was kind of different to be around so many “grown ups!” haha


One of the other big motivators to get to DC that weekend was to see my girl Anjelah Johnson’s show at Warner Theatre! She provided lots of laughs and I even got some one on one time with her at brucnh before we all headed home the next day.


Fun times for sure…it was “Miami” reunited in DC!! πŸ™‚ Love my girls!!!

FIRST Birthday

I recently planned a FIRST Birthday bash for my son…so I thought I’d share some of the fun stuff I did with a “Stars and Stripes” theme! He was born on July 3 at 11pm, so he was just one hour shy of being born on the 4th of July! πŸ™‚ At any rate, the nice thing about this theme is that there’s lots of “Americana” and “Patriotic” party stuff available out there! These days with pinterest and etsy, generic is NOT the way to go! hehe

In the photos above, you can see my firecracker clapping it up in his homemade #1 birthday hat. I bought plain red and blue (cone) birthday hats and adorned them with red, white and blue “star” themed stickers and cutouts. In the background you can also see (sort of) his custom Happy Birthday bunting, made with an assortment of patterned pennants strung together. And, what’s a party these days without a cupcake tower!?! I had to get one of those and filled it with mini-cupcakes decked out with red and blue sprinkles!

Then I also found some fun “stars and stripes” candy… swirl lollipops with birthday tags, and red, white & blue sour gummy stars. I also made centerpieces (not pictured) with cylinder vases and filled them with the gummy stars and stuck matching pinwheels and small #1 mylar balloons..but the wind kinda didn’t work with me and so they didn’t photograph too well! grr!!

However, the big face cut outs were a BIG hit! I was looking for something different using his photos…and the faces were FUN!! They provided good photo ops and also doubled as a fan on a hot day in July. The babies also got a kick out of seeing a BIG baby face on a stick! LOL!! Then I ordered a first birthday “chalkboard” off Etsy. A cute, keepsake idea as it lists his size, favorites and memorable “firsts” for baby’s 1st!

Then there’s always the food, which I could keep entirely red, white and blue…BUT I managed to have fun with this fruit salad, complete with “star” shaped watermelon. Another themed food item were the white and blue (corn) tortilla chips and “red” salsa!

Finally, I also ordered a pull-apart cake made up of cupcakes…nothing too fancy, but it still made a “cool” impression. So those are some of the highlights from the first birthday party. For future reference though, when having a party at the park, opt for heavy table covers, as my flimsy plastic ones couldn’t withstand the wind…and tape wasn’t the answer! Also, I had a stand for my chalkboard poster (BTW…had it printed and mounted at Walgreens), but that also couldn’t hold up with the strong ocean breeze! ha! Foodwise, I think we did a good job, stuck to hot dogs and hamburgers and chose salads, fruits and sides that didn’t perish too quickly in the heat.

Yacht Party

Earlier this week I enjoyed a Girls Night Out (GNO) with my Miami ladies…aboard the Venetian Lady!

Yep, despite the stormy Miami weather, we partied on a boat!

The occasion…to celebrate the birthday’s of Angela Simmons and Serge Ibaka.

angela angelaserge

I don’t personally know either, but I received an invite from my friend, who is also Serge’s publicist!

What can I say, it was a spontaneous night out and GOOD TIMES! Seen on the scene were Serge’s OKC teammate Kevin Durant, also Keri Hilson who led the “Happy Birthday” serenade….and Jeezy was spotted among the guests too. And — did I mention the bday cake was super yummy, I had 2 slices!! πŸ™‚

And — did I mention the bday cake was super yummy, I had 2 slices!! πŸ™‚ I LUV September birthdays…

Painting With A Twist

Last Saturday night, we celebrated my dear friend and Deco Producer Odette’s birthday by getting our creative juices flowing at a new concept “store” called Painting with a Twist! I checked out the website before I went (they have locations in city’s all over the country), BUT honestly, I didn’t think I could really create a true masterpiece work of art!! LOL The idea is you bring a group of friends and your own wine..then paint, drink and be merry!!


Luckily we had a very patient master artist leading our class..he’s also a former Deco Producer..Eric! He asked if we had ever painted before, I thought about my childhood “paint by number” and water color sets….then I asked if murals/posters, etc.. for high school rallies count?? hahaΒ  I’m sure at some point I have painted even if it was an adolescent art class. Anyway, birthday girl Odette chose a moonlit ocean/palm tree scene, and step by step we each put paint on the canvass to make our own (re)creation!

This was really a fun way to hang out and feel artistic and use the other side of our brain…. πŸ™‚ We learned different brush strokes, how to make colors and I’m happy to say everyone was able to complete the task!!


SEEE! Yes…I PAINTED THAT!!! And — here’s a closer look…

I can’t wait to hang it up in the closet!! j/k So, if you’re looking for something else to do on a fun night out with a twist…give this a try, PAINTING WITH A TWIST!! You will be amazed at what you can do, all by yourself!

BEST Birthday Week 2011

I celebrated another year of my life last week…on both coasts! πŸ™‚ And, without a doubt, my 2011 birthday has been one of the best EVER. I guess it gets better with age!! hehe I began my week in Miami…where I was greeted by these chocolate covered goodies…

Then surprisingly my cousin Marie just happened to be on layover in the Magic City, so I got to see her on my way to my first pre-bday dinner.


And then, me & my “favorite” headed to Makoto in Bal Harbour to meet up with my Deco Peeps!


Here I am with the Deco crew – Eli, Odette and Samantha.

This is where I also got to make my first birthday wish…blowing out the candle on a decadent chocolate lava, fudge cake dessert..YUM!!

The following afternoon I had my pre-bday lunch #2 with my 305 girls…
(l-r) Constance, Rene, Dara (with baby D), Neki and me!

We feasted on a slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake courtesy of Cherisse…so GOOD it’s BAD! ha


On my actually birthDAY I was in LA LA land…and I started my day with yummy banana pancakes at Vivian’s in Studio City…

Then for dinner I feasted on delicious crab and garlic noodles at Crustacean’s…this picture is actually of Tiffany’s Lobster and garlic noodles, it was more “visual” than my dish…but it was ALL delicious!!

And here I am with Tiffany and Abe who joined me for dinner… my bro the “Sneaker Sensei” gets the photo credit.


When I got back to the Bay…the now (post) bday party continued with my 408 girls in downtown San Jose at the newly opened San Pedro Square Market…we had a nice pizza brunch on the patio at Pizza Bocca Lupo!

GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIMES..what more could a girl ask for on her birthday!?!?

I’m so THANKFUL to be blessed with another year…surrounded by my loved ones!! πŸ™‚

Next year, I will start my birthday on an empty stomach…did you see all the food I just talked about!?!? lol

Bay Trippin’ in March

I just returned to Florida after spending the past week in the Bay Area. It’s a rainy time of year to visit, but a nice refresher of the difference in temperature and seasons…can’t be open-toes and sun dresses all the time!! As always, the main objective is to see family..namely my sisters Adrienne and Alison, and it also happened to be Alison’s birthday week-end so that made it extra special to help her celebrate another year!


Rose aka Mom jumped in for this iphone4 photo…

with mom

You know, I didn’t get around to eating any of Alison’s official birthday cake, but I did consume 6 too many of these Red Velvet BDay cookies I ordered for her from Chef Court

Nowadays, it seems like every trip home I’m meeting at least one new baby!! This time around it was baby Miles, my good friend Reina’s new son, who’s just 3 months old..such a cutie!! He’s already bff with his Auntie Aubrey.


I also visited with baby Naomi…who turned 7 months..time is flying!!


And, Naomi’s (busy) Mom Arlyn, played such the hostess cooking me BBQ, lumpia and more for dinner while I visited with her and the girls…but she certainly impressed me with the Monkey Bread!! I felt SO special… πŸ˜‰

I even got to visit with one of my oldest friend’s from elementary school, Kim, and her 2 boys, Matteo…


….and baby Jake!


Another highlight of my visit was attending the bridal shower for the one and only Anjelah Johnson! I couldn’t be happier for her and her fiance…and it all became so real when I saw her glowing with excitement of her upcoming wedding!! <3

(P.S. If you haven’t seen her live show, please do yourself a favor and go – She’s uber funny and on tour!! She’s in San Jose later this month and in South Florida in April!)


I almost forgot to mention the “Ramen Girls Dinner” in Japantown with my Sister Ade, Godsis Kim….


and (Santa Clara) friend Norma…. It was ‘One Kine Day” *inside joke!


Finally, on the morning of the baby sis’ actual birthday we went to breakfast in SF and I discovered Alison is in love with the same Chai Tea as me (Oregon Chai). She’s so sweet, the moment I got home and text that I made it back safe, she already said, “Come Back Soon!”


Here we all are…Daddy’s little girls!! πŸ™‚


HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) to my bologna aka “Mac Mami!!”



Today is my baby brother Adam’s birthday! He’s a LIBRA like me….and of course he adores his BIG sister!! Sure he’s been a pain in my @ss…but he’s growing up to be a fine young gentleman and I can’t believe he is 25!!! What??? Whoa…

He’s in the Air Force reserve…and he has 2 main passions in life… BMX… which I’ve seen his countless bumps, cuts and bruises, but he always continues to ride…

and his Subaru… πŸ™‚ He puts A LOT Of money into this expensive hobby, but he does a great job..very passionate!

BUT… I know he’s most proud of having 3 loving big sisters! See “us” like 5 years ago…


P.S. Yes ladies..he is SINGLE… so, not everyone line up at once, but he is taking applications. πŸ˜‰