Jay Z takes NYC Subway Train

I love this!! Jay Z aka Jigga took the NYC Subway “R” Train to the brand new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn for his final show there. Either he’s had it with gas prices, is going green or maybe he didn’t want to deal with traffic! j/k…ha! Seriously, I respect that he isn’t “too cool” to hop on the Subway and it just goes to show that EVERYONE can use public transportation… Although it’s obviously not the “safest” thing since he attracts so much attention and people get all “paparazzi” and lose their minds!! Check it in the video…

OTF: Where BROOKLYN at??

I finally finished editing a new episode of On The Flipside!! I shot the intros and wraps on location during a trip to NYC a few weeks back. I’ve definitely been bogged down with other projects and priorities, but I didn’t want to neglect my passion project too much. I’m trying to at least do 1 a month depending on what I have going on!! Anyway, this new show features an exclusive with NBA star turned rapper, the LA Lakers Ron Artest, performing in Hollywood at Highlands Club with the Slam Girls. I also catch up with (my favorite) the Oakland Raiderettes for their annual calendar release party, then there’s highlights from retired NFL player Fred Taylor’s foundation launch event and an interview with Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin about her new “Super Girl” clothing line at JC Penney! Be sure to TUNE IN!! http://ontheflipsidetv.com

Special thanks to One9 for his help with this episode!!