Frontier Flying

Frontier G+ cover

I flew Frontier for the first time last week on a trip with my family from San Francisco to Chicago and since it is one of those “discount” airlines that can sometimes be the “unknown,” I figured I’d share some of my takeaways from the round trip experience.

The two biggest factors that influenced why we chose to fly Frontier even though I am a proud miles collecting member on a handful of other airlines.

Pricing – The cost for my family of four to make the round trip cost us less than $1,000

Flight schedule – Even though we live much closer to Oakland, the times available for the nonstop flights worked well for us to leave out of San Francisco and land at O’Hare – even though we’d prefer Midway, and made the most sense.

Okay, so I booked our fares online and elected to forego selecting seats or paying for baggage when I initially booked the trip. Yes, this is an airline which only allows a “personal item” with you in the cabin of the plane and any carry-on bags that you’d put int he overhead bin will incur an additional cost. And, as I also alluded to in my previous statement, I didn’t pick (i.e. pay) to choose our seats. I felt a slight risk here of being separated from my family, but wasn’t too concerned…and it did work out in the end.

A couple nights before out departure date I decided to call in and ask about the random seating, since I didn’t pay “extra” to pick seats, yet with 2 and 3 year old tots in tow, it was pretty critical that a parent was seated next to each one. The four of us didn’t need to be all together, but 2 and 2 would be ideal. I mean can you image a toddler being forced to sit unattended!?!? At any rate, I was advised that since we were traveling with young children, it would be taken into consideration and I should inquire at the airport if the random seating didn’t already put us in an agreeable seating arrangement, and she noted my reservation. The other helpful tid bit she informed me of was that I would save money by selecting and paying for my baggage options online.



So anyway, when I checked in..all was GOOD! We are all put in the same row 2 and 2 with the aisle between us and I paid for our 2 check-in bags online, saving $10, since it would have been $10 more if I waited to do that at the airport. I didn’t pay for any carry on bags, we each had a personal item…and the rule of thumb for your personal item is can it fit under the seat in front of you!?!?

Dropping off our bags at the airport was fine and their customer service was nice and friendly. I liked that they allowed us to pre-board since we have small kids. Every airline is different these days and many do not include people with small children in the “pre-board” category. The plane was clean and leg room was pretty good. The seats are comfy enough, but unless I just couldn’t find the button, they didn’t recline. They are also very slim seats, compared to the width of seats I’ve sat in on other planes, but it didn’t make a major difference. The tray table was also much smaller, a little silver tray that dropped down. I think water was complimentary, but anything else had a fee. By the way, I think if you are seated in the first few rows you are some kind of “VIP, special” …but I didn’t do all that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In hindsight, it was a very good experience. We had a non stop flight that was on time or early each way, we had great seat assignments (that we didn’t pay extra for), our bags made it to our destinations and it was minimal charges for our checked baggage…and let’s be honest, everyone charges for bags these days except Southwest. I can’t say I will always be flying Frontier, but if it makes sense for my future travel plans, I certainly won’t hesitate!

Photos courtesy: Frontier Airlines

LUV-A-BULL Proposal

I kept seeing this video pop up on my social media feeds, but I had yet to click the play button, until tonight! This was probably one of the best “clicks” I ever made…watching this Luvabull (NBA Chicago Bulls dancer), be proposed to on the court during a performance, has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. I was moved to tears!!!

And while it’s been a minute since my NBA/NFL dancing days, I can only imagine how insanely intense, confusing and surreal that moment must of been for her! Props to her man for getting it done and best of luck to the happy couple! Watch the video of the surprise marriage proposal below…



I had the pleasure of visiting the Windy City this past weekend. I made the trip with T, since it’s his hometown and my Mom came from the Bay to join us! It was hard to leave the warm Miami sunshine…but albeit much cooler, it wasn’t horrible weather in Chicago!


And — since Chitown is just a great mecca for food – I think I went home with an extra 10 pounds – we did the food circuit, eating at Valois, Harold’s Fried Chicken, Table 52, Giordanos and Ed Debevic’s…you can see I donned a “busser” hat while chowing down on my burger, fries and shake! The funny thing about that spot is I guess their “schtick” is to give customers attitude and sharp-tongued wit, so they kinda toss the straws at you, act impatient and talk back with plenty of sarcasm. Haha!! What was even more amusing to me is that my Mom would try to make comeback lines and give it to ’em…LOL It was nice to see her having a good time!

Another touristy thing we did was climb (on an elevator) 103 floors up over the skyline to the Chicago Skydeck in the Sears Tower! That was fun…they say on a perfectly clear day you can see four states.


They also have these glass encased ledge/look out thingees…where I guess you can feel like you’re suspended in air…so if you don’t like heights…don’t look down!

LDW 2010

Here’s a quick Labor Day Weekend 2010 recap. I kept it pretty low key…it started out with a trip to Chi-town for work, then I stayed an extra day to hang out in the windy city and catch up with my good friend Jess.

First up was a pink bus..that was the location for my story shoot…cute, right? What child would not want a part of this??

Then, I took the Metra to Union Station in Chicago to get up with Jess. It was her sister’s bday, so we grubbed on some Filipino food before going to the opening of her nephew’s new restaurant, Chikazawa.


The next day we went shopping in downtown, well actually it was just walking around and then we went by Akira and they were having a buy 2 pairs, get THREE pairs free sale! Serious?? So, that was too good to pass up…needless to say, I walked out with 3, she got 2! ๐Ÿ™‚ We both got this pair below..funky, right? **note – even though the photo would make more sense rotated, that is my foot hanging off the armrest of a chair!**

It was a nice and relaxing in the Chi…we finished the night by heading out to the Icon movie theater where we had “VIP” seating and treatment when we went to see “The American.” Shouts to Mike over there for really taking care of us and hooking it up…drinks, food, dessert, strawberries…AND post-movie he gave us a bottle of champagne! Remember — this is at a movie theater! Wow.

I came back to rain in Miami, but that’s just how it is this time of year… and I did something I really don’t do anymore…go out in Miami Beach! I stepped out to DREAM Saturday night for Jae Millz (Miami) Birthday celebration…and it was a lot of fun!


Millzy (clearly) had a great time too! To see more of his DREAM BDay party pix go to


The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent sleeping…and now, back to the grind!