O Christmas Tree

Do you want to get a REAL Christmas Tree in SOUTH FLORIDA, but don’t want to hassle with going to a tree lot and figuring out how to get it home? Better yet, you’d love a freshly cut tree, but chopping one down yourself probably isn’t going to happen? Well, save yourself the hassle of finding the perfect tree by having one delivered direct to your doorstep! Plus, you won’t have to worry about pine needles messing up your car or figuring out how to strap it down on your car roof…

Order online at SantaClausTrees.com and you can have a 6′-7′ Frasier Fir Christmas Tree, FRESH from North Carolina, delivered straight to you!

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An “Irie” Christmas

The one and only DJ Irie hosted a FANTASTIC holiday party on Miami Beach last night with Ludus, to support his Irie Foundation. I am proud to say that Irie was one of my first “Miami friends” before moving to Florida, and since that time his star has grown exponentially..and very well deserved! He is one of the hardest working people I know, but always stays humble, gracious and grounded…I can’t say enough.

All that being said, anytime I can support and attend one of his events, I do my best to be there! Well, last night he definitely outdid himself. He hosted the most lavish, decadent, holiday party on Miami Beach at a private residence and he pulled out all the stops with theme, decor and entertainment..in true MIA fashion! From elf-fitted servers to nutcrackers, Santa and a crew of “Ho, Ho, Ho’s”…there was snow, elaborate lighting, exotic cars, Stoli drinks flowing and of course the music to put you in the Holiday spirit..or just party mode!

DSCN0021 DSCN0019

Check out more pics below…it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



Long Distance Christmas

The holidays are always fun time of year, but for me there is no annual tradition or special way I spend them… I don’t always travel home to the Bay Area to see my family and often times they aren’t even there! It’s tough though because it is inevitable every year that people ask what I am doing for the holidays and then I have to explain why I’m not going home, etc…

First off, I HATE traveling (airports) when everyone else (novice travelers) are jamming up the lines..I just can’t deal! Second, it’s just the nature of the career/life I have chosen…I know all my TV and fellow news friends can relate…just because it’s a holiday and most people have the day off, we don’t! I’ve just become accustom to working on holidays and I don’t expect to be able to go home for them. Last, living across the country, I have learned to celebrate my family everyday, especially when I am face to face with them, so I don’t need one day to dictate “Christmas.” Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and the holiday season, but that’s not the only time to celebrate, be thankful and enjoy being together… It should be an everyday thing!!

Anyway, this year we were scattered….around the corners of the globe!

My Dad (above, jamming on his guitar) was in Manila, Philippines with my baby brother who fell ill with some food poisoning…that happens when you go to a foreign country and get a little too excited eating everything in sight!

This year, I stayed in Miami, and cooked up a lil Christmas somethin’ somethin’ for Jae Millz and the fam visiting from Harlem…

DSCF5602 DSCF5600

I baked a Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Lasagna and Green Bean Casserole, along with a not pictured Banana Pudding dessert.

Then, through the magic of techonology, my sisters and I got on a group chat with Alison in Southern California, Adrienne (and Mom) in the Bay and me in MIA.

It initially started with me and Adrienne chatting on G-Chat, then Alison wanted in, but you can’t 3-way on there and we weren’t sure we could on Skype, so we were going for the iChat, but Adrienne’s MacBook was acting up so we all downloaded “oovoo”..and finally when we were all up and running it was a party!! Actually very fun to have them all together at once!! We took Christmas photos and even had a toast to the holidays via internet!! 🙂

MVPuppets with Santa!

I just love these Nike Basketball MVPuppets!! I could watch them over and over!! So, KRS-1 joins in on the holiday festivities with ‘Bron and Kobe, plus dunking reindeer…lol Check the first reindeer aka Lupe Fiasco… CLASSIC! Watch these vids and I’m sure you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy Christmas-ish inside!! hehe

First up, Blitzen Raps!

then Kris Kringle grabs the mic when Santa Raps

and this is how it finally goes down Dunking on Reindeer!