I attended a press event at the Delano on Miami Beach this evening.  Jay-Z and BING have teamed up with a fun, very creative way to promote his forthcoming book DECODED with an interactive game on BING. The book will be released on November 16. BTW…my friend Luxury Mindz has a page (photo he took) in that book too, so look out for it!!


Basically, we all gathered in the pool area of the Delano Hotel and Jay-Z, along with the CEO of BING  made an announcement about his book and showed a video that pretty much showcased the billboards and different marketing of how this Decode Jay-Z stuff works. Now, this is pretty cool..the first person to “decode” a particular page wins that page autographed and there will only be one…and the first guy/fan who successfully decoded, was present…and they presented him with his page! He came all the way from London and he explained how he was able to do the decode. Then, they asked us to all go over to the pool…

Well, when they turned the lights on..this is what we got… the next page to decode! Pretty amazing… it’s the lyrics to Big Pimpin’ if I’m not mistaken. *Sidenote – as I attempted to take the above photo with my blackberry, I sort of had to get up to the very edge of the pool and you know when you try to hold the camera over someone’s head to take a picture…uhm, well I was pretty much doing that over Beyonce’s head (well to the side)…except I didn’t realize it was her until my girl pointed it out to me (after the fact)!! LOL I can be a little oblivious at times… I mean, it’s not like she was wearing a red dress or anything!?!? YES, she was in RED….Ha! Anyhoo, no harm done, but I felt bad…I’m not one to be all pushy, but I was so taken by the pool, I had to snap a photo…and since I was on paparazzi status…I decided to take one of Jigga too!


Here’s the official DECODED + BING description from the press release:

Today Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft, launched a multi-platform search experience and interactive game to help fans decode JAY-Z’s life and lyrics found in his debut book, DECODED. Through an unprecedented partnership with Bing, JAY-Z’s words will be taken off the page allowing readers to find the very locations that inspired them.

Online, fans will find a one of a kind search experience built on Bing technologies using Bing Maps and Bing Entertainment to walk the streets JAY-Z walked, searching and deciding how to decode his life and lyrics at every turn.  Over the course of one month, five to ten pages will be unveiled each day, allowing fans to come together as a community to compile DECODED online before it hits bookshelves.  200 winners and one grand prize winner will be selected from the people who help uncover the 300-plus pages, located in 15 locations around the world and in Bing Maps.

You know, maybe I should get in on this puzzle solving stuff, I really like exercising my mind, and one of my friends was telling me (not too long ago) how popular this scavenger hunt stuff is getting. So, go ahead…it’s your chance to Decode Jay -Z with BING! http://bing.com/jay-z

Margie’s LA in MIA Birthday

I had a great “girl’s weekend” with my crew from LA (technically they originally from the Bay, but reside in LA now)! The ladies came to celebrate Margie’s birthday and we had a blast!! Night one, we started off at the Sunset Lounge at the Mondrian Hotel.

….there we enjoyed this uber *EXCLUSIVE* Russian vodka! lol

And then we headed out to “PLAY” for some late night dancing with the 400 Club….

play play2

**note – we don’t know the guy in the above picture! lol BUT – we do know the ones in this pic…

Round 2 – the next night we did Margie’s birthday dinner at Prime 112…

…and snapped a picture with the one and only Myles!

We finally capped our night by going to The Florida Room at the Delano.

GREAT weekend, with lots of good times once again…I just won’t mention how I locked myself out the house and had to call a locksmith or when my truck got towed since I parked in a no parking zone! oops…I just did! haha Love my girls, can’t wait to do it again, I’ll have to come see ya in la la land next time!

A big THANKS to Chad and Matt of Carma PR for setting us up…luv you guys!!