The Flood Never Ended

My artist Jae Millz released his latest mixtape yesterday, “The Flood Never Ended.” It’s the 4th installment in “The Flood ” series and this one plays more like a street album with no freestyles! Music on this “DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar present” CD release, also features VADO, Yo Gotti, Show Tufli, Meek Mill and Tity Biy.

Listen and download NOW! DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar present: THE FLOOD NEVER ENDED Welcome Home Weezy Edition >>

And… *The first 100 (t-shirt) orders at will receive a signed copy of “The Flood Never Ended!” LEGGGOOO


Also, check out this video for “Remain In The Sky” …one of the songs off The Flood Never Ended. Video directed and edited by Wolph Creations.


I attended a press event at the Delano on Miami Beach this evening.  Jay-Z and BING have teamed up with a fun, very creative way to promote his forthcoming book DECODED with an interactive game on BING. The book will be released on November 16. BTW…my friend Luxury Mindz has a page (photo he took) in that book too, so look out for it!!


Basically, we all gathered in the pool area of the Delano Hotel and Jay-Z, along with the CEO of BING  made an announcement about his book and showed a video that pretty much showcased the billboards and different marketing of how this Decode Jay-Z stuff works. Now, this is pretty cool..the first person to “decode” a particular page wins that page autographed and there will only be one…and the first guy/fan who successfully decoded, was present…and they presented him with his page! He came all the way from London and he explained how he was able to do the decode. Then, they asked us to all go over to the pool…

Well, when they turned the lights on..this is what we got… the next page to decode! Pretty amazing… it’s the lyrics to Big Pimpin’ if I’m not mistaken. *Sidenote – as I attempted to take the above photo with my blackberry, I sort of had to get up to the very edge of the pool and you know when you try to hold the camera over someone’s head to take a picture…uhm, well I was pretty much doing that over Beyonce’s head (well to the side)…except I didn’t realize it was her until my girl pointed it out to me (after the fact)!! LOL I can be a little oblivious at times… I mean, it’s not like she was wearing a red dress or anything!?!? YES, she was in RED….Ha! Anyhoo, no harm done, but I felt bad…I’m not one to be all pushy, but I was so taken by the pool, I had to snap a photo…and since I was on paparazzi status…I decided to take one of Jigga too!


Here’s the official DECODED + BING description from the press release:

Today Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft, launched a multi-platform search experience and interactive game to help fans decode JAY-Z’s life and lyrics found in his debut book, DECODED. Through an unprecedented partnership with Bing, JAY-Z’s words will be taken off the page allowing readers to find the very locations that inspired them.

Online, fans will find a one of a kind search experience built on Bing technologies using Bing Maps and Bing Entertainment to walk the streets JAY-Z walked, searching and deciding how to decode his life and lyrics at every turn.  Over the course of one month, five to ten pages will be unveiled each day, allowing fans to come together as a community to compile DECODED online before it hits bookshelves.  200 winners and one grand prize winner will be selected from the people who help uncover the 300-plus pages, located in 15 locations around the world and in Bing Maps.

You know, maybe I should get in on this puzzle solving stuff, I really like exercising my mind, and one of my friends was telling me (not too long ago) how popular this scavenger hunt stuff is getting. So, go ahead…it’s your chance to Decode Jay -Z with BING!

Hennessy Artistry – Miami

Saturday night was a great time to be out and about in Miami for the Hennessy Artistry event. Let’s see the BEST  Hip Hop band >> ROOTS CREW with Q-Tip anchoring the live show at the Ice Palace and DJ D-NICE…I KNEW it’d be a night to remember!


So I threw on a new fit and my fresh kicks with the red heels and had a blast!


And– it was like one of those times you run into everyone you haven’t seen in a LONG time! Hmmm… I wonder if it was the lure of live music by great artists, the art display or a night filled with free Hennessy!?!? LOL


As for the show..DJ Irie was a GREAT host and the special performances by EVE and Kat DeLuna were very cool as well… I felt like I was at Dave Chapelle’s Block Party …the vibe was that NICE! Plus, they kept spinning so many of the old school hip hop hits, it took me way back and we danced the night away (my feet were throbbing for a good 24 hours, but that’s okay). I love being around hip hop heads!! 😀

BUT..when they brought out BOBBY BROWN…the place went WILD!

He did Every Little Step, Tender Roni and My Prerogative!! WHAAAT!?!? Amazing…


I believe there are a couple more stops on the Hennessy Artistry Tour…if it comes to your city..DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Iron Man 2

My bad ass friend Mike Relm was “commissioned” to create an uber awesome TV trailer for Iron Man 2!!! Mike and I have that Bay connection (so, I knew him when…lol) and I am always impressed by his work…to think it all started with 2 turntables, a mixer and some crates full of records – has evolved into so much more. Last night this OFFICIAL TV Spot for Iron Man 2 aired during Adult Swim.

According to Mike:

Jon Favreau spotted my Iron Man 2 trailer remix, he liked it enough to have me do this 45 second spot for television!

This is the original trailer he did…

I don’t even know if there is a genre, category or niche to put Mike in, but I think it’s most important to note his work all stems from Hip Hop and he is nothing less than amazing at what he does…he has mastered mixing, scratching & creating with music AND video!!

…so, a couple years ago when he passed through Miami on tour with the Blue Man Group, I featured him on Deco Drive.

XXL Freshmen ’10 Cover

Every year XXL Magazine releases an issue featuring a selection of (who they choose to label) the hot *NEW* FRESHMEN. I’m using “new” lightly because some of them aren’t exactly “new.” Anyway, there’s been some discussion and controversy (hip hop loves controversy) about who made the cover, who shouldn’t be on the cover and who SHOULD be on it. One of those artists who many feel should be on the cover is VADOCam’s protege and one of the artists I work with…and being that my other artist Jae Millz feels some kind of way about VADO *NOT* being selected in that class, he spoke on it with True Stories Radio …appreciate you Dutch!

Nonetheless, this interview has sparked a lot of debate, and it’s sort of funny to me that people ONLY hear what they want to hear and then proceed to take it to the next level, whether it be to take personal shots at Millz or interpret what he may or may not be saying, etc… Basically, my take is, he said he’s only familiar with half (5) of the rappers who made the XXL cover, he didn’t say those 5 all deserved to be on it or didn’t, he just said he only knew about half of them. Then he said he strongly feels VADO should’ve been included in that group.

So, it’s just funny to me because at no point did he say he, himself should be on it, or was he making direct comparisons…he just put it out there that he doesn’t agree with all of the choices! lol But, again, people just hear what they want and love to add fuel to the fire! See, this is what I like about Millz, is that he is passionate, and not afraid to speak his mind and stick by his statement. People who know me, know I’m outspoken just the same when I feel a certain kind of way…so I appreciate the raw, blunt, direct honesty!

Anyway, to sort of spin this whole XXL Freshmen cover thing…there’s a show going down tonight hosted by DJ Envy at the Highline Ballroom in NYC featuring performances by 6 of the artists who made that cover. Coincidentally, Cam’ron has been called in for a special performance and guess who he’s bringing out…VADO (ah, the irony)…and I wonder who might just make a cameo on stage with VADO!? Someone who has a lot to say and sticks by what he says… I’m just sayin’ … Millzy might just be there!! 😉

I’m sure tonight will be an unforgettable show with great up and coming artists, who’ve probably been on their grind much longer than we’ve known their names… and with Cam and VADO (U.N.) on stage, plus special cameo appearances…this is just what NYC needs to get (real) hip hop back on track! I won’t be there tonight, but I’ll be there in spirit and waiting to see pictures and video from the event!

The Flood

Jae Millz released his latest DJ Ill Will/DJ Rockstar mixtape “The Flood” today!! I’m really feelin the tracks and this is a MUST HAVE mixtape – and I’m not saying this cuz I’m on the team, but as a music/hip hop lover. You can ride out with it or put it in rotation when you hanging at home! …it’s Millz doing what he does BEST! You can download it for FREE here…


Cover photo credit goes to BluPrint I.D.

And watch Millz – Lemonade Freestyle NOW!!