Me + My Girlfriends

Last weekend’s adventure also including lots of time with me and my girlfriends..I didn’t get to see them ALL (Kimi), but everyone else came out to play, including Cat from Jax and Gaby from PHX! It also happened to be Irie Weekend as in DJ Irie…so lots of fun festivities going on…. My first stop was to see the Shelton’s and baby Darion!! I think his picture says it all…SIMPLY ADORABLE!!


Look at how he gazes at his Auntie Aubrey with those big blue eyes… *sigh* He is a living cabbage patch doll!!

Then, later that night….I hit up Miami Beach and the Crown Royal Black Lounge at Mokai with Riza, where we met up with the Lady Dana!

Friday I attended the Irie Weekend Golf Tourney to shoot some interviews and footage for On The Flipside

Lil Jon and his son DJ Slade were also in the house… Photos courtesy my photog Anthony Peraza

liljon slade

Friday night we LIV-ed it up…with DJ Irie and friends…


DJ Irie had one helluva party with lots of star power LIV-ing with the best of em….

The best part was when Irie was “on stage” with Flo fun to WATCH him have fun..great vibe and atmosphere!!

Saturday I brunched on Ocean Drive with the girls…


And — I left the “Wet Willie’s” to Cat and Gabs!


When Sunday rolled around, we were close to running on empty..but we managed to get it in one last time at LIV!!


Above: Cherisse and Amy, Below: Gaby and Aubrey


Mind you it was really only about getting dressed up so I could rock the fabulous feather earring you see me wearing in the picture..Gaby spotted ’em for me, and well, I was destined to have the earrings!

On another note…I learned oh SO MANY things from my friends this weekend, Blumpkin via Cat, Crippled Sparrow via Cherisse…but nothing could top Gaby’s “Cat Daddy” dance! She even shared this video with me of her dancing the dance….it’s dark and you have to turn your head to the side to watch…but you get the picture…enjoy!!

MAVS LIV it up in MIA

A BIG Congratulations go out to the Dallas Mavericks for winning the NBA Finals, by closing out last night during Game 6 in Miami. I must admit, I’m feeling an extra Miami withdrawal after seeing the celebratory photos from last night at LIV…. I’m gonna have to LIV it up myself next time I’m in the area. At any rate, the twitter photos this morning are GREAT, and it’s such a well-deserved win for them, the team’s first-ever!! Even Dirk let his hair down, him and Mark Cuban partying it up with YMCMB – Ace of Spades flowing!! I hear the MAVS spent half a milli…yes, that’s $500k, in the club last night!! WOW!! See the pics below…and P.S. Let’s not be so hard on LeBron, people are getting vicious and it’s not that serious..let them man be!!