Beauty Matrix by Dr. Christie

Some of us may be taking a closer look in the mirror, as we spend mandatory time at home during these “shelter in place” orders. Right now elective surgeries are on hold, but if it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing or are starting to consider, it’s important to think about what your ultimate goals are, rather than a quick trendy fix.

I spoke to Dr. Christie, who is a double-board certified plastic surgeon, as well as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, based in Los Angeles. She has a business called Curated Beauty which really underscores the tone of her work and she advises one treatment that may be great for you, might not be so great for another. So, to ensure plastic surgery results are optimal, she uses her “Beauty Matrix” formula. Dr. Christie says it’s really about planning and reassessing what would be best for each person in terms of the results that are hoping for because no one wants to look like a mannequin, and sometimes a procedure may not produce the desired results. You can find out more about Dr. Christie and the Beauty Matrix formula at

Sunset Strip

Last week I spent some time in La La Land with a few of my favorite gals…and we hit the Sunset Strip for a girls night out!

(below l-r: Margie, Tay, Themba, Aubrey, Grace)


First we stopped by the DIGIWAXX Mixer…where we ran into our friend Johnny Cruz…


Then we got a bite at a restaurant named “Ketchup”…they’ve got some mean sliders and fries there…with ALL types/flavors of ketchup! 🙂

We ended the night at HYDE…and my shoes (feet) lastest the whole night! lol I think it was my bubble gum pink pedicure that did the trick!!