DUB Miami

Check out some of my interviews from the 2009 DUB Miami car show at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

First up, Spliff Star, one of the artists I’m working with now….plus, I gave you a little taste of his new single with Akon (music under the segment!) And — become his FB fan http://facebook.com/718spliffstar
For booking/contact email: 718spliffstar@gmail.com

Also ran into Nick Cannon and his new group “RydazNRtist” under N-Credible Entertainment.

Finally, Torch of Maybach Music’s Triple C’s stopped by to chat it up with me and talk about their forthcoming album. His happy demeanor is so refreshing! 😉

Custom Cars and Cycles

I basically spent all day yesterday with the BAWSE Rick Ross and Triple C’s! lol First I had been at his house to do interviews about the upcoming album Custom Cars and Cycles, during their WD Corp/DUB Magazine photo shoot..and as coincidence had it..they all went to the Jason Taylor Foundation event too..that footage is coming On The Flipside! All good though…you know that’s how Miami is…SMALL WORLD! Anyway, I’m really happy with how this edit came out (thanks to DJ Swing), I had to do some “spin” magic to tell the story “Deco” style…but all in all…good stuff! It was SUPER HOT outside while they were shooting and for the interviews..I think I lost 5 pounds…haha BTW…at Deco Drive they think I’m Ross’ personal reporter since I’m always pitching his stories, but hey…you gotta give the people what they want! Triple C’s Custom Cars and Cycles comes out October 27.

Rick Ross Birthday Yacht Party

An EXCLUSIVE look at Rick Ross’ birthday (yacht) party on the Princess Lady…and after party at Karu and Y! It was a very nice soiree and I did feel special to be among his family and friends for this intimate celebration…DJ Khaled, Shawty Lo, Masspike Miles, Cool and Dre, Alex Vega, C.O., Gunplay, Triple C’s, Chad Johnson and Gil Green were all in attendance.