“No Boyfren”

Check out Bon Qui Qui’s newest video “No Boyfren” feat. Tammy …it is the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO! πŸ˜‰ Lot sof cameo’s in this one…so be sure to press play!!

And — look out for Anjelah Johnson’s new one-hour special “The Homecoming Show” July 20th at 9/8c on NUVOtv! For more details go to www.mynuvotv.com


The Official music video for Jae Millz ft. Chris Brown is (finally) here!! One of the many hats I wear is as a manager to Young Money artist Jae Millz, so I shifted into PRODUCER mode to get this video done. It’s a really fun video, that I think is so refreshing in the music/rap/hIp hop game… The “Dead Presidents” (face-paint) theme is taken from thE movie and also Millz’ same name mixtape released over the summer where the Green Gobblin track first appeared. The song will now be the first single off his forth-coming debut album, “Nothing Is Promised,” slated to release next summer. Everything was pretty much shot on green screen with the exception of the opening (alley) scene. There are lots of fun visuals and it’s definitely a song you want to move to and this pairing works well with CB doing his dance thing and RAPPING, while Millz adds his Harlem-bred talent! Check it out, let me know what you think… Next stop is a red carpet awards show! πŸ˜‰ FOREVERMILLZ.COM

Directed by Antwan Smith of Vigorous Films
Edited by Lution Media
Produced by Sway Mendez, Aubrey Aquino and Remy Pierre
Make-up – Kimberly Keppard
Stylist – Abriel Bolton

***ALSO for you novice and aspiring video directors/editors/producers, we teamed up with MusicMatrix.com for a video editing contest and you can go in and remix the video with unused scenes, etc… AND THERE ARE PRIZES!!!***


A video project I have been heavily involved in is the “Green Gobblin” music video by my artist, Jae Millz featuring Chris Brown. The video was shot recently in Miami, while I was in Mexico…so there was a lot of careful pre-production that went into it, to minimize my phone time in Mexico! lol BTW, it’s GOBBLIN with two “b’s” because as Jae said….there’s 2 “Goblins” in the video…him and CB! Oh isn’t he SOOO creative!?!?


At any rate, now the video is in post, being edited, and I’m overseeing/supervising all the cuts, effects, etc… This is my first hands-on experience with a “music” video, but I’m finding that my editing know-how as well as (news) writing, reporting, producing background is actually helping a lot. And — I just know what I want, how I want it and definitely what I don’t like!! So, along with a few other key opinions (director, Jae, other producers and editor) this is going to be ONE HELLUVA MUSIC VIDEO!! CB is rapping, we’ve got the Dead Pres theme, Mack Maine makes a cameo and we linked up with Music Matrix for a video remix contest!! The Official GREEN GOBBLIN music video is set to premiere on http://musicmatrix.com on Dec 15, and we’ve also got a South Beach launch party in the works! Be on the lookout, you’ll be sure to see this vid popping up everywhere and getting a strong buzz! Red Carpet..here I come!! πŸ™‚ In the meantime, here’s some behind the scenes videos and photos.


Thank you’s to everyone on Team Millzy: Director Antwan Smith, Producers Sway Mendez & Remy Pierre, Makeup Artist Kimi, Stylist Brie, my models Jovana and Carin and everyone else who’s supported and helped make this video a reality. And I can’t forget our sponsors – Fever, Nuvo, Ciroc and Music Matrix! Green Gobblin…December 15!!!!

Jae Millz OFFICIAL website http://ForeverMillz.com

My sister the set designer…

Check out this cool music video my sister helped do the “set design” for…

Adrienne says, “It was a lot of fun…shot in still frames. I made the “Southern Comfort” bottle, lemonade stand, light bulb, and sun to name a few.” You can learn more about my talented sister and see some of her design work at http://adrienneaquino.com

Bulldozer – The Invisible Cities (Official Music Video)

(Director: Melissa Hung. Director of Photography: Seng Chen)
A toy bulldozer with an affinity for whiskey and records heads out for a day at the beach with friends only to find it closed. Oh no! What to do?!

My Cameo…that almost was…

So, I recently had an opportunity to make a cameo as a red carpet reporter in the music video for Timbaland’s new song “Say Something” featuring Drake, on Shock Value 2.

I know the role was a bit of a stretch, but somehow I managed to pull it off! Needless to say, only my lovely locks (i.e. hair) made the final cut of the video, but I did get some good face time in the “Behind the Scenes/Making Of” video…starting around the 4:09 mark.

Here are some screen grabs of my “red carpet” scene….

picture-2 picture-3 picture-9 picture-8 picture-7 picture-6

Shouts out to Kimi for hooking up my makeup for the shoot and Cherisse who also played my “chaperone” at the shoot..and of course Derick G who put me on!