New York, New York

I took a semi-spontaneous trip to NYC last week….always nice to change the scenery for a few days and of course throw in a few business meetings in the Big Apple! The weather was lovely the first couple days I was up there, definitely not the typical March weather for New York…which was a good thing for me coming out of the Miami “heat.” So, below are a few images from my trip!!

Since my good friend Tamae is building up her styling portfolio, we ventured out to do a fun photo shoot in Central Park. She did my makeup and Lior did my “Veronica Lake” hair! 😉

The next morning I had a meeting in Times Square and took a moment to grab some breakfast and sit down to take in the sights in the middle of it all… It’s nice and calm, very peaceful in the A.M…great way to begin the day.

And finally, I headed out of town on St. Patty’s Day, but not before getting caught up in the mix of the parade down 5th Ave! Honestly, I was just trying to get to brunch and feed my belly when I realized I was in the thick of the parade route!! However, it was pretty cool to experience it live…so much GREEN in the streets…

Food for Thought: Jeremy Lin

I have been following Jeremy Lin’s recent rise in popularity with great interest, as I’ve been consumed by #LINSANITY and I’m enjoying the #LINSPIRATION he’s providing to myself and others…BUT today I decided to “vent” a little on my FB page, with (part of) my take on his story.

I need to get something off my chest… I think Jeremy Lin is being “over-Asian-ed”… For me, I like him because he’s AMERICAN..born in CA & raised in the BAY!!! I love his underdog story of hard work and perseverance, and how it’s translating to inspire both die-hard basketball fans along with random people who usually don’t care about the NBA and beyond! His ethnicity plays a (small) role in the story, but at the end of the day (regardless of ethnicity, race, culture) it makes me feel good to see someone who followed his dreams & is getting his opportunity to make them his reality! That’s the AMERICAN DREAM..THAT’S #LINSANITY!!!

My post started a nice discussion….with plenty of insightful comments! Read  here and feel free to chime in

I’m definitely not your casual basketball fan, especially when it comes to the NBA. I grew up on the game as far back as I can recall, watching whichever games were offered on TV with my parents, then the League Pass helped make it my family’s chosen everyday pastime when it was started (in the 90’s?!?), and we could tune in starting at 4/5 pm on weekdays on the west coast, viewing multiple games a night! Since then, I’ve worked for NBA teams and I’ve been known to schedule my life around the NBA schedule…so yeah, I’m  fan and I love to watch good, fun, exciting pro bball!! 🙂 I absolutely love how Jeremy Lin and his “story” have brought new interest and energy into the current season and the game in general. I’ve been reading a steady stream of articles about him and I wanted to share a couple I like….

For instance, this article in GQ – What the GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin –

This line from the piece really stood out to me…

“…he is an American, pure and simple, even though Americans insist on seeing him as an Asian who happens to be an American.”

And — my good friend Brian Tong of CNET put in his 2 cents about the “racist” ESPN mobile headline and why he’s “glad it happened.”

OTF: Where BROOKLYN at??

I finally finished editing a new episode of On The Flipside!! I shot the intros and wraps on location during a trip to NYC a few weeks back. I’ve definitely been bogged down with other projects and priorities, but I didn’t want to neglect my passion project too much. I’m trying to at least do 1 a month depending on what I have going on!! Anyway, this new show features an exclusive with NBA star turned rapper, the LA Lakers Ron Artest, performing in Hollywood at Highlands Club with the Slam Girls. I also catch up with (my favorite) the Oakland Raiderettes for their annual calendar release party, then there’s highlights from retired NFL player Fred Taylor’s foundation launch event and an interview with Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin about her new “Super Girl” clothing line at JC Penney! Be sure to TUNE IN!!

Special thanks to One9 for his help with this episode!!

Jae Millz “The Flood” Showcase @ BLVD

June 14 – Jae Millz performed at BLVD in NYC to showcase (his) “The Flood” mixtapes series… I wasn’t able to make the trek from Miami up north, but I was there in spirit…and apparently via text because I was getting texts and updates all night long! Thanks to everyone, especially the sponsors, who helped make the event a success.

Enjoy these photos from the event courtesy of Bluprint I.D.


Torch of Triple C’s also hit the stage and Cory Gunz, Rugz Bewler, Loaded Lux, Najee, Eb the Celeb, Marisa Mendez and more, as well as Millz family, were all in attendance.




Millz with his Mother and Brother


img_7379 img_7556-version-2 img_7384-version-2 img_7354-version-2 img_7328

And some video from TREGANGTV…

Big Apple Adventure

I recently returned home from a trip to New York. My good friend Grace met me there (coming from LA) and it was her FIRST time ever in NYC, so I had to share with her what I love about the city that never sleeps!

Our first day there, we were tired from our flights, but hit the streets immediately! After checking in at our hotel (Hudson Hotel), we met another good friend of mine, the ‘Sneaker Sensei’ for lunch at Pio Pio.. (it was Cinco de Mayo, that’s the closest we could find to Mexican in the area)…lol Then, we walked by the Empire State building and made the first of several trips to H&M. I also ran into my buddy Mike Hill from ESPN, caught up with him for a second, before we went back to our hotel, grabbed some Pinkberry and got ready to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show, Banana Shpeel at the Beacon Theatre. Well, the theatre was beautiful, but the show not so much, although we did enjoy the girl who could twirl things on her 4 limbs while standing on her head and the Russian male “pole dancer.” So, we cut that show short and met up with another friend, CJ of Deep Foundation.

He took us to Times Square, we ate at Junior’s and of course had the cheesecake!


Remember this is Grace’s first time to NYC, so she was in awe of pretty much everything she saw from the tall buildings to the lights, all the people, etc… BUT her favorite was having a heart attack every time we got into a taxi…thinking we were gonna crash!!

The next day I took Grace to see some of the shops on 5th Ave, but we eventually ended up at the CAVI NYC showroom with the homie Phil…that’s a regular stop for me, every time I go to NY.

That evening after a quick change we headed over to Harlem Lanes for the Celebrity Strikeout event.


I did a little bit of work, while enjoying the event…I had to make sure VADO and Millz got some face time…

We briefly stopped by an after party, but NYC was kicking our butts and the shoes were expired….

Friday, Grace and I went downtown to check out the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, we also went by Ground Zero and Wall St….but the highlight was going to see the one and only Anjelah Johnson who just happened to be headlining at Comix.

Some of my Miami friends were also in town (DJ Affect, Derick G and Mr. Bowtie South), so we had a nice group for the show…GOOD TIMES!


The next day we met up with Anjelah for some brunch and LOVED the corn “elote”…hehe


I think a common bond I have with most of my friends is that we all LOVE TO EAT! Here we are chowing down again at Philippe’s…me, Cipha, Anjelah, Veronica and Mitchell.


All in all, a very nice trip…although it did get extended by a couple days since my flight ended up getting canceled! ha


I spent the last week in NYC – part business, always pleasure and of course it was 100% hustle. I stayed with my good friend and Raiderette sister Tamae, who’s a high fashion designer – for Ishii NYC,  living on the Upper East Side with his Persian Cats and a long-hair chihuahua named Dauphine, nicknamed “Fatty” ..she weighs a whole 3 pounds and has more than 50 doggy couture outfits! lol

The day I arrived it was rainy, and everyone was saying it just got cold, but PLEASE, with my thin blood, anything under 70 is “ice cubes!” haha Nonetheless, I met up with my cousin Gemmie who was in NYC visiting from ATL, and then Tamae took me to Max Brenner Chocolate for some really tasty hot chocolate. On Sunday, we ventured out to a NY Knicks game at MSG…my first time there EVER! It was a lot smaller than I expected, but definitely a packed house with loyal fans…and they won!


My cousin Arielle came down for the day from SUNY Purchase to hang out…


…and we had great seats..right behind the visitor’s bench..happened to be the NJ Nets that day!

That night we had dinner at TAO with a friend from the Daily News, and feasted on a decadent dessert platter!

Monday I met up with my artist VADO in Harlem for his photo shoot!

Thanks to Ivan, Abby, Manda and Natalie…lots of different looks, it was good times!!

dscf4845 dscf4844 dscf4843

Betweeen Monday and Tuesday I was running around shooting segments for On The Flipside and Locker Blogger, went by the CAVI NYC office and also visited with the Stereotypes who were in town recording….then Tuesday night Anjelah Johnson flew in, so we had to meet up too!


Last but not least, I can’t forget the cupcakes! Tamae insisted I have these before I go… and man were they YUMMY!!

A Vanilla with Strawberry frosting and a “Brooklyn Blackout!”