Gear Up and Represent Bay Area Sports

Fall is here and the NFL football season is in full swing, MLB playoffs are upon us and another NBA season is just around the corner. So if you’re looking to get some gear that’s not your typical “sports” t-shirts and sayings, check out

I’m working with Tony on some new graphics for my newest passion project – look out for that, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of his fun designs reppin’ the Bay! πŸ™‚ I know Oakland A’s fans (old and new) need some fresh gear for the playoffs & SF Giants fans represent for the Sucka Free regardless.

And — some examples of the designs for the Raider Nation and 49er Faithful…

Let’s not forget the Golden State Warriors who are poised for another incredible season or the San Jose Sharks!!

Alright, alright…be sure to check it out!!



Flat Stanley

I just spent a week with Flat Stanley! My friend Eric in Phoenix sent him to me and asked if I knew who he was and if I’d be willing to participate…of course I obliged, and Stanley and I had a great time!! πŸ™‚ So who is this “Flat Stanley” character, for those of you who aren’t familiar??? Well, he has a website –

Basically he’s a character from a book and because he’s “flattened” he can be mailed, thus allowing for great adventures all over the globe as he gets passed from friend to friend. I did this for Mrs. Mac’s 1st grade class at Cottonwood Elementary in Hesperia, CA!


I received Stanley in my Oakland mailbox right after Thanksgiving and of course he got to ride on Southwest with me cross-country to Florida! See how he got the window seat and was watching the luggage get loaded!?!? ha


We had one layover and plane change in Las Vegas, so Stanley took that opportunity to sit in front of the slot machines! Unfortunately we didn’t hit the jackpot and proceeded to board for our Fort Lauderdale bound flight.


The highlight of Stanley’s South Florida visit was a day out at an NFL game to see the Miami Dolphins host the Oakland Raiders! Here he is getting ready to enter Sun Life Stadium amidst all the pre-game festivities….


We had great seats at the game, but sadly the Raiders lost…womp, womp, womp… πŸ™ However, it was fun and Stanley got to meet my road dawg Jeanette and she will now be hosting him for a week over at the Raiders facility…hopefully he brings them better luck for this Sunday!

West Coast Pro Dance 2012

Are you a current, former or prospective professional dancer or cheerleader? Does your team need fresh choreography? Would you like to meet others in the industry or hear about audition opportunities?

Then get ready for the West Coast Pro Dance Convention in San Jose, CA on Sunday, January 29, 2012!


Our choreographers are top alumni and directors of dance and cheer teams in the NFL, NBA, AFL, MLB and other sports leagues. They will teach 6 sidelines and 2 routines in length of 45-60 seconds.
**Aubrey Aquino, NBA Dancer – Sacramento, NFL Cheerleader – Oakland & Arizona
**Kristin Medwick, 7 year NFL Cheerleader – Oakland, “Dancer of the Year” 1998; “Raiderette of the Year” and Pro Bowl Cheerleader 2005
**Kristena Wright, NBA dancer – Washington, NFL Cheerleader – Miami
**Chris Rhyu, NFL Cheerleader – San Francisco


**Faithe David, former 49ers Cheerleader will be giving awesome dance technique class to help candidates put their best foot forward at auditions.
**Jada Law, former NBA dancer in Sacramento and LA and current TV personality & host for Lakers TV will give a fitness/health/nutrition presentation to get candidates ready for auditions.
**Audrey Asistio, an alum of the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush and Gold Rush Ambassador now works for a news station as a reporter/fill-in anchor. Audrey will offer participants interview, attire, and overall presentation tips.
**Mindy Kreis, Director of Crunch Fitness will be knocking our socks off with a specialized bootcamp geared specifically to dancers.


San Jose Athletic Club
SAN JOSE, CA 95112

For complete details –


I’m just returning from a fun-filled week back home in the Bay Area! It was great to see my family and catch up with some friends, making the rounds…I never get to see EVERYONE! However, I did manage to check out my two favorite hometown teams …the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders!


First up, the Golden State Warriors game, 11.20.09! My good friend CNET star, Brian Tong had an extra ticket and treated me to the Portland game. He took the above “twitpic” and the Warriors have a twitter account that “retweets” pics of fans from the game, so to my surprise this picture got “retweeted!” lol


My hosts for the week, my baby sister Alison and her bf Jono donned their team gear to head to Oracle Arena as well!


I believe the Warriors only had 8 guys suited up…but they won in very convincing fashion and it was GOOD TIMES!

dscf4811 dscf4810

The one thing about Bay fans, is they are loyal…I know it’s tough to stick by and watch when losing is the trend and it gets painful, so I was happy to be in the building for this win!!


Also in attendance, my Raiderette sisters Jeanette and Serrita (who had floor seats), but the lovely ladies came up at halftime to say hi!


Come Sunday 11.22.09…I headed down to the Coliseum to see my Oakland Raiders in action, playing against the visiting Cincinnati Bengals!


My good friend and Raiderette sister Tiaja came out to brave the COLD and enjoy the gametime festivities with me…


And wouldn’t ya know it…RAIDERS took the W in the final seconds when we thought it’d go into overtime!! It was SUPER EXCITNG, everyone was jumping for joy! Tiaja said it felt like we won the Super Bowl! haha BUT basically what I’m trying to say is the BAY WINS and I’m 2 for 2 this season when attending Bay games! πŸ™‚ BTW..LOVED that concessions came around and served Hot Cocoa with whip cream … it was ONLY $5! lol