A friend of mine, OG, who is a very talented director & photographer, recently released behind the scenes video and photos from a documentary series he’s been working on with hip-hop artist J.Cole. He went on tour with Cole all over the US and Canada, as he promoted his sophomore effort, “Born Sinner” album…with the Dollar and a Dream Tour!! Check it out here >> http://ogdirector.com/jcole/

And — here’s an embed of the video too…

J. Cole – Dollar & A Dream Tour NYC from LUXURY MINDZ on Vimeo.


One of my favorite things to do is be a “connector.” By connector I mean putting people together who can collaborate or help each other. I want all my friends to be friends… if I have one person over here who can help another person over here…well why not?? So, last year during my travels to Austin, TX, I got a chance to become even more familiar and acquainted with a talented photographer OG. He’s done lots of music and hip hop photo projects, even getting his work published in Jay-Z’s book Decoded. At any rate, I knew my good friend Anjelah would be traveling to TX for different stints at the comedy clubs there and I pitched the idea for him to document her work and shows as a comedienne, similar to how he does for (music) artists… Well, when Anj got on board it was a GO and the result is a beautiful series of images that give you a glimpse into a day in the life of Anjelah Johnson. I love being a “connector.”Check it out here – http://ogphotographer.com/anjelah