Hard Rock’s Got Talent


This week I had the pleasure of judging a talent show featuring employees at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Fl at “Paradise Live”…I was the guest “celebrity” judge! At any rate, I had a great time…lots of singers and a comedian. They really went all out with costuming and props and what I learned is that the Hard Rock helps all the particpants out with whatever they need to make their act as best they can…costumes, props, music, etc…


I think I was the “simon” of the bunch went it came to scoring…lol But, I think after judging and hosting, even participating in numerous dance/cheer competitions, pageants, etc… I definitely have high standards…and I think my judgement is right on!

Anyway, the productionwas well-organized, they even had “Beetlejuice” as a co-host.


From here,  the winners of each of the regional Hard Rock’s will all come back in a couple weeks to compete for a grand prize..yes it’s CASH!!! Not bad, sort of makes me want to work at the Hard Rock, although I probaly wouldn’t be entering a talent show, but it is such a nice thing that they do for their employees.


Anyhow, I’ll be hosting the next competition..it’s probably better because deciding who wins the big bucks can be stressful! BTW..that’s me and Carlos – Hard Rock Sacurrrrrity!!