ACHI Magazine Cover Shoot – Sneak Peek


I recently did a photo shoot for ACHI Magazine. I was very flattered that they wanted to capture this mug for their fashion magazine…and not only that, but I’ll be on the cover of their January issue! The magazine is published quarterly online…

ACHI “Strength in Sisterhood” is a Fashion and Life Style Magazine focusing on women’s interests. ACHI Magazine is “For Women That Want It All.”

On January 31, 2015 at the First Annual ACHI Magazine NFDC they will unveil the January-March issue, featuring me!

Click play below to watch a quick behind the scenes look at my shoot!

Throwback Photo: Sacto King’s Dancers

1998-99 King’s Dancers with Magic Johnson …you can tell this is pre-digital/camera phone photos! LOL


On another note, wish I could be in Sacramento today to take the stage and perform alongside my fellow King’s Alumni dancers for the “Long Live the King’s” rally…