Funny People

Two screenings of a pair of comedy’s in 2 days! I’m happy to say that “Funny People” is FUNNY. There are lots of good laughs and the story makes sense, plus since there are so many comedians in it and it’s about their everyday lives (in a way) I also felt like I was sitting at a comedy club. Myspace makes a cameo in the movie, as do Rza, Eminem (Hip-Hop is EVERYWHERE!) and Ray Romano, to mention a few names…but let me not forget James Taylor – one of my Dad’s all-time favorite musicians, very cool and FUNNY to see him pop up! One of the things I loved most about the movie, besides the jokes, wit and sarcasm, is how the story had a heart and I could relate to the characters and situations. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m gonna go work on my “standup” now! haha