Meal Planing

Most of us like to eat, but many of us struggle when it comes to cooking up new recipes or stepping outside of our comfort zone when we’re in the kitchen and grocery store. Okay, I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I will admit, I tend to stick to what I know when I shop for food or order ff the menu at a restaurant. I struggle with wanting to eat healthier versus eating what’s readily available, and that internal battle happens more often than not!

Lately there’s been a buzz around meal delivery services, meal prep and meal planning. I’m usually the last to try new things, and so I haven’t whole-hardheartedly experienced any of the above, but I have done some online research and learned a little about how it works..either from people around me or posts I see on the internet.

Today I had the opportunity to chat with Scott Jones of eMeals and he told me how the app works and how it can help make life easier when it comes to food to feed your family, whether it’s new meal ideas, grocery shopping and/or meal planning. And, I have to say, in this day of grocery delivery and shopping online, maybe it’s time to start seriously considering the “futuristic” way of grocery/meal shopping in a simpler, more convenient way.

80s Purple

80’S PURPLE FALL :: 2011 COLLECTION :: MOTION PREVIEW, California’s famed online boutique is ready to grace this season with their highly anticipated Fall 2011 motion preview. Taking a cinematic approach to unveil this collection, sit tight and watch it unfold through a tale of lost and refuted love. Scene by scene offers the perfect blend of this season’s men’s and women’s latest trends with an earthy hint of charm and bohemian ?are. Each piece offers a contemporary silhouette of sheer blends, crisp cottons, and dauntless prints. Only justi?ed through the motion preview “By Your Side”, those who are intrigued enough to watch it will ?nd themselves swiftly coalesced!

Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 7.22.01 AM

Launched in Fall 2004, has quickly emerged as a top online boutique destination. Combining innovative design with user-friendly interface, the site offers a look that is aesthetically pleasing. Infused with relevant products combined with the latest fashion news updates, 80‘s Purple is your American contemporary boutique that delivers the ultimate shopping experience.