Flashback Video: Student Spotlight

Once upon a time when I lived and worked in Phoenix, I was a host/reporter for a Friday Night High School (Football) Sports show called “Friday Night Fever.” Every week I would cover one of the ‘marquee’ high school football games and also do a feature segment on a standout student athlete…which I hand selected from dozens of nominations that would pour in!

Well, a couple weeks ago while I had Sports Center running in the background, a name and story caught my ear…that of Arizona State Univ. wrestler Anthony Robles…and I just knew he was one of my ‘student spotlight” segments from 2005! Anyhow, this past weekend he became an NCAA champ and I just want to say I had him years before ESPN picked it up! LOL Really though, I love a story with heart, a person who strives for their goals, does whatever it takes to become the best at what they do and simply does not give up until they find a way to success! Well, it was evident in him 6 years ago, and the fact that he has had to overcome an extra obstacle makes his story all the more admirable. CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony on his latest achievement!

Anyhow, I dug deep in the tape archives, fired up the VCR and uploaded my Anthony Robles segment from when he was starting his senior year at Mesa High… Watch the flashback video below….