Margie’s LA in MIA Birthday

I had a great “girl’s weekend” with my crew from LA (technically they originally from the Bay, but reside in LA now)! The ladies came to celebrate Margie’s birthday and we had a blast!! Night one, we started off at the Sunset Lounge at the Mondrian Hotel.

….there we enjoyed this uber *EXCLUSIVE* Russian vodka! lol

And then we headed out to “PLAY” for some late night dancing with the 400 Club….

play play2

**note – we don’t know the guy in the above picture! lol BUT – we do know the ones in this pic…

Round 2 – the next night we did Margie’s birthday dinner at Prime 112…

…and snapped a picture with the one and only Myles!

We finally capped our night by going to The Florida Room at the Delano.

GREAT weekend, with lots of good times once again…I just won’t mention how I locked myself out the house and had to call a locksmith or when my truck got towed since I parked in a no parking zone! oops…I just did! haha Love my girls, can’t wait to do it again, I’ll have to come see ya in la la land next time!

A big THANKS to Chad and Matt of Carma PR for setting us up…luv you guys!!