New York, New York

I took a semi-spontaneous trip to NYC last week….always nice to change the scenery for a few days and of course throw in a few business meetings in the Big Apple! The weather was lovely the first couple days I was up there, definitely not the typical March weather for New York…which was a good thing for me coming out of the Miami “heat.” So, below are a few images from my trip!!

Since my good friend Tamae is building up her styling portfolio, we ventured out to do a fun photo shoot in Central Park. She did my makeup and Lior did my “Veronica Lake” hair! 😉

The next morning I had a meeting in Times Square and took a moment to grab some breakfast and sit down to take in the sights in the middle of it all… It’s nice and calm, very peaceful in the A.M…great way to begin the day.

And finally, I headed out of town on St. Patty’s Day, but not before getting caught up in the mix of the parade down 5th Ave! Honestly, I was just trying to get to brunch and feed my belly when I realized I was in the thick of the parade route!! However, it was pretty cool to experience it live…so much GREEN in the streets…