OMG Vids

There isn’t anything over the top “OMG” about these videos…but I’m producing and hosting them for a company called OMG National! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look out for my series of OMG Marketing Minute videos coming to a computer, handheld, mobile device, etc… NEAR YOU!!!

The first couple are online…press play below to check em out!


At long last the “Everglading with Anjelah Johnson” video! Courtesy of Derick G. check out Anjelah’s trip to the Florida Everglades and the Billie Swamp Safari! I was able to take her there this past May while she was in between shows at the Improv’s in Hollywood and West Palm Beach, Florida. I love how my car gets to make a cameo in this production…and when I watched this edit I was cracking up just as much as that day when we were shooting it! ๐Ÿ™‚ So…click play now!!

Kudos and many thanks to Derick for putting this video together AND doing such a fantastic job with the edit! It’s one of the best docu-reality shows EVER..not biased or anything! hehe… Also, if you want to see my original post about Anjelah’s visit with pictures…click here – ANJELAH VISIT


AND — be sure to visit Anjelah’s new blog —