Erykah Badu in Miami

I attended the Erykah Badu concert in Miami last night, acting off a last-minute spontaneous invite by my friend Kimi to get me out of the house! I think this may also be the first time I’ve been to the American Airlines Arena when it transforms into the “Waterfront Theater” for a more intimate setting. I wouldn’t say I’m a HUGE fan of Ms. Badu, but I respect her music and I definitely know her more mainstream/popular hits and who doesn’t appreciate LIVE music?!

She came on stage wearing a purple hoodie and immediately Kimi freaked and was like, “Is she going to strip??” ….referring to the recent controversial music video released by Badu for her new song Window Seat, where she systematically removes all her clothing in downtown Dallas while walking to the spot were JFK was killed. Needless to say that wasn’t going to happen, but she did have a minor wardrobe change, adding a top hat and fitted letterman jacket.

I love the way she keeps it “real.” I’ve never paid too close of attention to her specific lyrics, but she is a true poet when expressing her pain and life experiences, especially when it comes to love and heartache. She also did snippets of classic Hip Hop rhymes, which the audience clearly appreciated and chimed in on the popular verses.

All in all, I had a great “date night” with Kimi. I was expecting Badu to do her frequently quoted Tyrone song, but it didn’t happen even though a whole lotta folks in the audience screamed for it!

Oh yeah, here’s a youtube I found with her On and On performance if you want a taste of the show!