Nike Sportswear – Spring/Summer ’09

Nike recently invited me to their Nike South penthouse offices to check out their new 2009 Spring/Summer Nike Sportwear Collection! A lot of the inspiration this time around came from their ACG products…and they’ve introduced a whole lot of new items for women, so you don’t have to buy “small” men’s sizes anymore! The Nike Sportswear line is more for hanging out and lounging, looking cute and sporty, rather than for performance and working out, but all the same technology and careful design goes into all of Nike’s stuff! Trust me…it’s a serious science for them. There are so many great patterns, colors and styles…and when it comes to the kicks, they’ve got new twists (i.e. flywire and fabrics) on the classics. There’s the dunk, skinny dunk, Air Max, AF-1 and the one that brought back Jr. High memories…the Nike Cortez! 🙂

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