My Under Water Live Shot

The things I do for work… I did my first ever live shot from under water yesterday. It may even be a first for Deco. I have never scuba dived before and sure I wasn’t in the open water, but it was pretty crazy putting on the “mask” and going under water to talk to South Florida on LIVE TV! I felt like Darth Vader in there, the breathing was loud, so when I was talking I felt strange and then you have to do these weird breath inhale things before you can talk….but I’m happy I pulled it off and all went well!! Thanks to Red Carter for sponsoring my swimsuits too!


5 Replies to “My Under Water Live Shot”

  1. You could’ve done a killer Darth Vader impersonation under there.

    Nice job. How did you stay calm for your live shots? I would’ve been all frazzled under the water like that.

  2. I’m not calm!! only get one chance, good thing I don’t have to go LIVE very often…but the under water + darth vader mask + live did have me on edge!

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