Love Happens

I wasn’t going to blog about this movie because I didn’t think I had much to say about it…BUT I thought of a few things I could share! First off, let me tell you what I liked…I loved the style of Jennifer Anniston’s character…GREAT wardrobe. It made me sort of miss layering my clothes and wearing things with sleeves…too cute. Also the Seattle backdrop for the movie was beautiful. A great change of scenery and pretty views. Anytime I think of Seattle I think of my Godparents who live there and a time when I was really young and we went to Space Needle and Puget Sound on a motor boat ride. Anyway, in the film, Anniston plays a single woman, a flower shop owner who isn’t having much luck with her (cheating) BF and she meets a man (Aaron Eckhart) who’s in town to host a seminar related to his best selling book. He’s a motivational speaker type..a little too Tony Robbins-ish for me though! haha So while the movie had good intentions, in the end I think there was a lack of on-screen chemistry to sell the idea of “love” to me. It felt slow at times and I was thinking how much more can this go on. Love Happens wasn’t TERRIBLE by any means, but more of a “I’ll wait until it comes out on video” kind of movie…a DVDer if you will.

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