Couples Retreat

I checked out an early screening of “Couples Retreat” yesterday evening. The movie is a funny one, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped…you know, one of those films where the preview looks REALLY GOOD…but (I think) they already showed all of the funniest stuff in the trailer!! Among the all-star cast, Vince Vaughn brings his usual charisma and fast-paced, quick-lipped style of humor, while Faison Love let loose his “Big Boy” or should I say “Baby Boy” jokes! Meanwhile, I just sat back and enjoyed the awesome, tropical Tahitian backdrop!! Bora Bora is SO on my “places to visit one day” list! Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis and Jason Bateman all hold it down for their respective characters….also, Tasha Smith – who we’re used to seeing in sassy roles in Tyler Perry films – makes an appearance, minus her usual “attitude!” The yoga “hunk” scenes are hilarious, just because dude is so “Fabio” and wearing his itty bitty speed-o’s!! I think the movie also offered some thoughtful insight into being married and the challenges couples go through, poking fun, using stereotypes and relatable situations. I would say this is boderline theater vs. DVD…it’s not a waste to see it in the theater, but you could wait for the DVD.

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