Vampire Trend

I definitely started to notice a new found popularity for all things “Vampire” when it comes to movies and TV shows… Last year my friend Margie hyped up Twilight so much, and took me to see it in the theater…I felt it left a lot to be desired and everyone said, you have to read the book! Anyway, the next film in the series “New Moon” is due to be out soon and HBO’s “True Blood” is a BIG hit (everyone around me keeps raving about it, I don’t have HBO! lol) and CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” seems to be doing well too…so I thought I’m going to find a local South Florida tie-in and do a Vampire Trend story..It took me a little longer than usual to find my interview “subjects”…from a Cabaret Vampyra to a Cosmetic Dentist who can give you “vampire canines” … check it out!

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