The Book of Eli

Excellent. I went into this screening, not knowing too much about the film, so I didn’t know what to expect other than the few clips I had seen on the TV trailer. First off, the cinematography is beautiful, very artistic and dramatic in it’s use of colors, or not really…the tones are muted out, no bright colors, and it really gives it this desolate, desert-like feel of dust and waste. Denzel Washington is smooth as ever with his character Eli – a cool, calm, collected man walking the wasteland of the “future” protecting “the book.” Gary Oldman plays Carnegie – bad guy, one of the few men left from “before (the war).” He is desperately seeking “the book,” as he believes it will be the key to rebuilding, but of course his intentions are self-serving.

Apparently there was some type of big war that pretty much ended life and society as we know it in present day, with all our materialism and excess…so, we’re transported to a time in future, where the very things we take for-granted everyday, are the “simple” luxuries people will fight over in the future, when our resources are gone! It’s extremely thought-provoking as well as insightful, and not beyond possible. The scenes do get pretty crazy at times, might make you cringe or make your eyes wide…you’ll think about faith, and wonder, “what would I do?”

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