Quotes – Our Family Wedding

I decided to do a different kind of ‘blog’ instead of my usual “review”…and this time I figured I’d get some quotes from friends who watched the movie – since I instructed everyone to do so! lol Personally, I enjoyed it, especially since my girl Anjelah‘s in it, but honestly, there are so many similarities in the story and characters to people I know in real life! Even though I’m Filipino-American and the story involves a Mexican-American family, our cultures are alike in so many ways, it was easy for me to put myself in her shoes! See what people are saying…

It was funny and easy to relate to! My fave scene was when she sang to Marcus in her PJ’s. “Abort…abort!” Haha! :)” – Riza

That movie was hilarious!!!! Thank goodness my Granny ain’t psycho! I wonder if part 2 be about the Asians lol” – Jennifer

It was great seeing Carlos’ & Forrest’s characters battling it out…FUN” – ckinjo1

And I lifted these off her FB Fan page…

I laughed so hard throughout the entire movie! “Wanna Bounce?” LMAO!” – Justin

I loved the scene where Anjelah is singing with the mariachis!! Great job!” – Amy

Absolutely LOVED it! Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD and for Anjelah’s next film!” – Angie

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