The 2010 NBA Finals tip off in just 2 more days!! I can’t wait…I’m so excited my team, the BOSTON CELTICS, are back in it and ready to throw down the “upset” once again in this classic battle with the LA Lakers.


**Note: This picture is actually from the 2008 Championship run**

It’s no secret that I am NOT a Lakers fan…haha! I guess I’d be what people refer to as a “Laker Hater.” First off, I am from the Bay Area and that’s Northern California…so we’re not too much keen on things SoCal! lol Anyway, I grew up in a family that loves, loves, LOVES watching NBA games, so that’s what we did growing up. And while we support our NorCal Teams (Warriors and Kings), my Dad was a Larry Bird fan, so in those legendary Finals face-offs, we pulled for the Celtics! And so, that has always been that “thing” between me and my Dad…and when it’s playoffs we usually talk before every game, looking forward to seeing the Celtics win!

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